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“Midwinter and February’s golds bring colour and gladness to the otherwise stark forest.” – Ed Lehming I’m continuing with this series of ‘painterly’ photos, which due to the environment I’ve been immersed in lately, have taken a shift to more of an orange and purple palette. For a change of pace, I decided to return to a trial system that I have not been on for a few years, making it familiar… Read More

“The ice had just begun to form on the pond, freezing it in time. Frozen, but ever so thin, letting the blue shine from within.” – Ed Lehming Another of my re-imagined images. This time a view from early December. We’ve had a relatively mild winter here with moderate wet snowfall. At this time, there was still a lot of open water, which made for some confusing images. I created this one… Read More

“Mid Morning in February, and the winter sun beams brightly between the pines; the world stands in silence.” – Ed Lehming This season, I have experienced something altogether new; mornings in the winter forest, and it is spectacular! You see, in the past, I would wait till afternoon to venture out onto the trails, giving the sun some time to warm the air. I really did not feel I was missing anything;… Read More

“The trail narrows, tucked nicely between the reaching spruce boughs, before the North Trail widens up before me.” – Ed Lehming I struggled for a title for this image, so decided to use a location for a change. This portion of trail runs along the northern edge of North Walker Woods, a local trail that I have spend much time on over the past few months. The image depicts one of the… Read More

“Like the welcome of a warm fire, the beech trees glow in winter’s sunlight” – Ed Lehming The wonder of beech trees keeps my attention. As I review recent images, they always make me look twice. In this ‘re-imagined’ image, a particularly bright beech dominates the scene. What I have found most interesting, apart from the fact that beech hold most of their leaves all winter long, is the diversity in pigmentation…. Read More

“Despite colder temperatures, the days are beginning to lengthen and the sun fills the forest with warm sunshine. As I stand on the trails, enjoying the scenery, it warms my skin and my soul.” – Ed Lehming It’s mid-February, there have been many snow-filled days, somewhat limiting my time in the forests, though I make a point of venturing out as often as I can safely. The trails themselves are fine, but… Read More

“Familiar paths are transformed by winter’s snow. Freshness and purity fills my senses as I look upon the serene landscape, framed in birch.” – Ed Lehming I’m continuing with my theme of ‘re-imagined’ landscapes. Taking these familiar scenes and digitally transforming them beyond standard photographs is therapeutic for me. There is a real sense of creative joy when I look at the finished product. There is a correlation here for me, since… Read More

“When the elements come together in perfect alignment, the scene is transformed into a thing of incredible beauty. You just have to be there when it happens to truly appreciate it.” – Ed Lehming I have made many images of this point along a local hiking trail. I’m drawn to the accentuated vanishing point in the distance and the way the pines line up, particularly on the right-hand side. There is also… Read More

“Though diminutive to their surrounding neighbours, the small spruces have the potential to be so much more” – Ed Lehming In keeping with yesterday’s post on Transition, I’m including another interpretation of a recent image along the same theme. Especially in winter, the small spruce groves which grow within and beside the much larger plantation pines make for interesting image which tell a bit of a story about the forest itself. The… Read More

“In the space between old and new, a transition takes place, the path I follow puts me between both and I can partake in both without having to chose” – Ed Lehming This is another very familiar scene to me, transformed into something slightly different. The trail depicted here runs along the edge of a plantation pine forest. The forest slopes gently to the north, with the trail running westward, creating an… Read More

“The bright beeches that I encounter along the way serve as reminders of bright warm autumns and offer the promise of better days.” – Ed Lehming I have chosen to re-interpret yet another of the images I made this past week. In this scene, the trail is bordered on both sides by bright orange-leaved beech trees, bathed in morning sunlight. The beeches have always fascinated me in how they retain their leaves… Read More

“Every journey has a beginning. What that journey has to bring, is an unknown, but our attitude in starting the journey often has a great impact on the outcome. I chose hope.” – Ed Lehming In keeping with my photographic experiments, I have digitally enhanced this one as well. It brings me great joy to see what some of my everyday scenes transform into. The image I chose today is a few… Read More

“Hints of colour on crisp winter days inspire me to look for more, to imagine the world alight with brightness” – Ed Lehming I’ve found myself stretching and experimenting with my photos lately, not satisfied with the image, “as-is” but wanting to expand it, to glean more than the base photo offers me. I’m taking the bright elements of the photo; the bright birch bark, the warm orange and copper of the… Read More

“As the deep cold of January takes hold, the world is transformed, but not diminished” – Ed Lehming This haunting image was made along the roadside in Ontario’s Prince Edward County. The island/peninsula location in south-eastern Ontario is made up on a thick layer of limestone. It’s the limestone that creates the interesting ridges that the water flows from and then freezes as it encounters the cold air. Limestone is also extremely… Read More

“Winter hikes on cold days offer me time for quiet reflection, bright sunshine, and solitude” – Ed Lehming More and more, I find myself our hiking on even the coldest days. As the COVID pandemic continues to affect our world I’m finding the natural places around me to have become ‘discovered’ by more and more people trying to get outside and active. This has meant that the once quiet places I have… Read More

“I enter the forest trail, branches bend and bow, forming a cathedral-like arch above my head. In the silence of the new fallen snow, I find myself in reverence to the beauty of nature. A walk in the woods becomes a spiritual experience once more.” – Ed Lehming This is how that wonderful day in early December started out. Only a few steps from the trailhead, this scene of wonder greated me…. Read More

“All too often we are so focused on cautiously watching our step that we fail to look up and ahead to see the bigger picture right there in front of us.” – Ed Lehming My hikes and photography are something I really enjoy and every now and then, an image, like this one, will confront me with a perspective to consider. As I walk through the forests, I spend a lot of… Read More

“Thick soft snow blankets the landscape with its brightness. Distant shadows flee as the forest is filled with light.” – Ed Lehming The images I’m sharing were all made on the same amazing day over a week ago. Each one a wonderful memory of the incredible beauty we find our world filled with, even in what feels like dark times. I’m so grateful for these days of brightness and hope. As we… Read More

“The new fallen snow filled the trees that surround this quiet pond and the sun cast long shadows over it’s freshly frozen surface.” – Ed Lehming I have passed this pond through all seasons, usually stepping off the main trail to stand on its shores, as have so many others. The pond fills a small bowl in the landscape. It’s always a peaceful place to sit quietly and enjoy the sun playing… Read More

“I enter December with hope and delight. The dull days of late November are past and the bright snowfall of December cheers my soul.” – Ed Lehming The journey down December trails continues as I keep taking pleasure in reviewing my photos from my December 2nd hiie through a local conservation area. As is evidenced in the photo, I was not alone and several others had enjoyed the trails before my arrival… Read More

“Before me, the beech blazed in bright golds, shimmering as the gentle breeze caressed the snow laden leaves. The world was wide awake and filled with joyous energy and brilliance.” – Ed Lehming It appears this series will be continuing for a while, I have so many wonderful images from this gorgeous December morning earlier this week. I thought I had captured plenty of wonderful scenes during this hike and was mere… Read More

“In a single day, the world is transformed, gray foggy days are now filled with the brightness of new fallen snow. December has touched my world and I rejoice in it.” – Ed Lehming It’s difficult to describe a scene like this and even more difficult to chose a single image from a day that filled me with such delight, especially since the days preceding it were dull and rain-filled. Those few… Read More

“What lies ahead? We seldom know the details, but we anticipate, hoping for the best.” – Ed Lehming As February transitions to March, I am keenly aware of the subtle changes in the forest. The light is a bit warmer and softer than it has been for far too long, there are more birds flitting about in the branches high above. There is more movement and the sounds are different. Even the… Read More

“Light and shadow compete in the changing light just as the warm and cool air swirls within the March forest, each seeking dominion at this time of transition.” – Ed Lehming For this image I set out to try something very different from my usual style. First of all, I shot the image in mono, getting the light and shadow to balance just right after several failed attempts. Second, I shot a… Read More

“Enter March with caution, it may seem calm and quite but the month can surprise the unprepared with surprising fury, all is not as it seems in the moment. – Ed Lehming It’s been quite a change since my last outing at the end of February. The snow remains, but warm and sunny days followed and the snow now lies deep and wet, and packed, making the trails easier to walk, without… Read More

“The days of February’s end are unpredictable, often dull and snow filled. Yet, in the right conditions glimpses of spring light brighten the days.” – Ed Lehming There is a certain magic in late February. A spring nears, the sun rises ever so slightly higher in the sky. Beams of warm light penetrate the forest, probing into what was just weeks ago a dull and shaded glade. This warm sunshine lights up… Read More

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” ― Anne Bradstreet This day, February 29, a leap day, was yet another opportunity for me to get outdoors and spend some time enjoying the fresh fallen snow. It was a rather crisp day, with a temperature of -13 C, calm, and bright. I figured that the… Read More

“Familiar paths beckon us forward. Though familiar, there is always something new or changed, if we take the time to notice.” – Ed Lehming I find myself on the same trails many times. Often I wonder what more they can offer me as I set out. Every time, there is something new. It may be that I have come at a different time of day and the light has changed. It may… Read More

“There are a few precious days in February when hints of spring float in the air.” – Ed Lehming I’m continuing with a series of photos I made last weekend while hiking local trails. These are the final few days of February and I was glad to have two wonderfully mild and bright days to be on the trails. As I mentioned earlier, I had a repeat injury to my knee which has… Read More

“Floating in a soft sea of snow, the forest weathers the drifting tide of whiteness that surrounds them.” – Ed Lehming As I composed this image I was struck by the illusion of movement in the snow as it followed the contours of the forest floor. By adding just a bit more movement than I normally do, the illusion is enhanced further and the snow takes on the appearance of  soft liquid… Read More