“My Bright Companions”

“The bright beech trees have been my constant bright companions. In the dullness of winter, their brightness and colour has offered me hope and cheer.” – Ed Lehming

As this past winter has evolved, I have been particularly aware of the many bright beech trees that, in past years have, for some reason, garnered only my passing interest. This year, I have actively sought them out and included them in many of my images.

The image I chose for today is so representative of almost all my hikes this year, beginning with an early November snowfall, to bright, deep, and soft snow in December, and several significant snowfalls in January and February. Along the edges of almost all the trails that I travelled, there was almost always at least one beech tree for me to enjoy. In some areas they are a bit more sparse, being visible only in the distance, and other times when certain parts of the forest, where conditions are just right, the forest were festooned with them.

I have really enjoyed the variety of these bright trees, in all their variety; ranging from spindly saplings to tall trees filled with multiple shades of bright orange leaves. The diversity of leaves is also wonderful; some are paper thin wisps while others are thick leaved and copper toned. What they all have in common is the delight they have brought me this year in particular, a much needed respite in an otherwise monotonous world.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 4.2 mm
1/1575 sec, f/1.6, ISO 32

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