“Mid-March Forest View”

“Spring is on our doorstep; the season’s snow melting under ever increasing sunlight. The forest stirs from it’s winter sleep.” – Ed Lehming

It’s nearly the middle of March, the change in the air is tangible, the days are getting longer and gradually milder, and there is new birdsong in the air.

This image was made yesterday morning as I hiked a local forest. It was quite an experience; the forest still snow covered and white, but the temperatures reached 17C with bright sunshine. As I left the house, I shed my winter coat and wore just my vest, even that was almost too warm at times, but cool breezes from snow-filled valleys made me happy to have it.

It’s very odd when seasons seem to overlap, there should not be this much snow when the temperatures are spring-like, but we had quite a bit of snow this winter and it will take some time to melt. The warm temperature gave me the opportunity and desire to stay out on the trails longer and yielded a lot of good photos, which I hope to share over the next few days. I will also likely be parting from my re-imagined images series and get back to more traditional images, though I still have a few at the ready.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 4.2 mm
1/3040 sec, f/1.6, ISO 32

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