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My photography focuses primarily on nature and landscapes, though I have ventured into the world of abstraction, architecture, portraiture, and street photography. To me, photography is the art of observation. It’s about finding beautiful things in ordinary places. My photography has very little to do with what I see and everything to do with how I see them as well as how they make me feel. Call me a photographic impressionist, if you will. I want people to look at my photos and say, “What am I looking at, what’s happening here, and how was this done?” Lately, my focus has been on pursuing the art of photographic abstractions, using lighting, motion, and strong vertical elements to create the “Trees & Forests” series of photographs. Joining the recently formed “A Place for the Arts”, artist’s co-op in Bancroft has allowed me to show many of my work in a beautiful creative space where other artists share their works and ideas. Many of my photos have been featured in magazine articles, web sites, and church bulletin covers. My intent, through blogging is to share my photographs with a broader audience and be able to share, in words, some of my thoughts about the actual photo. I hope you enjoy your visits to this blog and recognise that all the photos are available for purchase via my web-site. Your support through purchases enables me to keep my equipment in good order and affords more opportunity to advance my passion.

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