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“After the Rains”

“After the cool spring rains, sunshine dazzles through the still open canopy, bathing the forest wildflowers with its warming light, transforming the recently dull forest into something magical and alive.”… Read More

“Large-Flowered Bellwort”

“It’s spring, and beautiful tones of yellow, in all shapes and sizes, return once more to the forest floor.” – Ed Lehming Once more, spring starts and stalls. The warm… Read More

“May Delights”

“The cycle of spring continues and familiar wildflowers grace the forest floor, each in their own time, marking significant dates with their presence.” – Ed Lehming Happy Mothers Day to… Read More

“Life Bursts Forth”

“The recently closed buds now look like fireworks as warmer days trigger the trees to leaf out and spring comes on in full force.” – Ed Lehming I’ve always been… Read More

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