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“Loss and Remembrance”

“As in sunset, we are reminded of what came before. The whole day culminating in the setting of the sun. There is peace in this reflection; the beauty and joy…

“Spring Flush” – Napa Valley

“It all starts with a faint green ‘flush’. As the gnarled old vines awaken once more, the first hint of future bounty appears in the form of delicate clusters of…

“American Canyon Roadside”

“Look around, isn’t the world simply amazing? Even from the window of a car, the passing world beckons us to partake.” – Ed Lehming I experience this all the time,…

“Stone Clover”

“Often, it’s not the grand vistas that catch my attention, rather, it’s the small curiosities, the things not common in my everyday, that make me pause and enjoy something joyfully…

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