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“Seeing nature really close up reveals so much more. Fine details and endless variation brings curiosity and encourages learning.” – Ed Lehming It seems the more time I spend observing and photographing the forests around me, the more I am drawn into the fascinating variety and complex systems that they present. Yesterday was another nice day, with sunshine and comfortable temperatures which meant that some of the blossoms which had been stalled… Read More

“There is nothing quite so inviting as a good meal in a beautiful environment” – Ed Lehming Sometimes, it’s what I don’t see that makes an image interesting, and provides me with a title. When I was out on Saturday, enjoying a few of the early Wake-Robins, I set up to make an image of this specimen. My process is generally the same: find a good angle, adjust for lighting and composition,… Read More

“After few days of of showing their bright pink faces to the warming sun, the Spring Beauties take a rest, allowing the cool spring rains to refresh them till the sun returns again.” – Ed Lehming It’s mid-April and every day can’t be warm and sun-filled. These cool and rainy days are all part of the growing cycle and it has been, till now, quite dry in the local forests, so the… Read More

“Cool April hikes bring such joy. There is always something new, not always obvious or evident, but when you look around new surprises and revelations always present themselves.” – Ed Lehming The spring that began so mild and warm has settled back to a bit more normal pattern of cool nights and misty days. The plants and flowers that seemed so accelerated have slowed down as well. This has been a good… Read More

“Every spring, the cycle of growth begins in a similar way: flat and dull leaf litter, the first small green shoots, followed by the bright and tiny faces of the Spring Beauties. So hard to spot, but a joy when found. Spring has arrived to the forest floor.” – Ed Lehming This tiny, often missed, spring ephemeral is what I look for as soon as the temperatures warm. It’s the first flower… Read More

“Often, the primary subject of a photograph becomes secondary. The natural world is not static and scenes shift.” – Ed Lehming Late last week I was hiking through one of my regular trails, checking out the progress of the spring wildflowers, not sure what to expect. As I’ve noted over the past few weeks, this has been a very unusual spring, with warm temperatures, so the usual ‘schedule’ of things is a… Read More

“To add to the oddities of this strange and early spring, wildlife seldom seen is also making an appearance, seeming fairly unaware that it is seen.” – Ed Lehming It’s been a very interesting and energizing spring. The warm temperatures have opened wildflowers early and wildlife abounds, including this porcupine that I initially spotted at a distance from a hillside I was standing on. I first noticed him as a medium-sized brown… Read More

“From the compacted blanket of last year’s leaves, bright and beautiful wildflowers erupt, pushing aside the reminders of what was, and revealing was it to be.” – Ed Lehming Continuing the theme of this year’s early spring wildflowers, I present a beautiful pink cluster of early Hepatica. For this image, I got down low to the ground. My goal was to show the blossoms rising above the leaf litter and show some… Read More

“A sure sign of spring is the time the reptiles emerge from hibernation, each assessing their environment, and seeking a first meal.” – Ed Lehming I know there are many who are not big fans of snakes, but to me they are all part of the natural world, participants in the local eco-system. As spring ramps up, larger and larger forest dwellers start to show up. It started with small flies and… Read More

“It seems that most tasks are easier and more enjoyable when we have companions to accompany us.” – Ed Lehming This photo was caused by a bit of fortunate timing and my desire to recreate an image I made several years ago. Fortunate timing in that this spring has been quite unpredictable and the regular cycles that I follow are off by a few weeks. My trigger for visiting this local creek… Read More

“Drawn by sweet nectar and bright colour, the pollinators themselves add flamboyance to the joyful spring blossoms.” – Ed Lehming While I was capturing some images of this spring’s Hepaticas movement to my side caught my attention and presented me with this shot. Like the honey-bee post from yesterday, this was also shot hand-held but the beetle was not flying and so, made the image a lot less technical, though I had… Read More

“Spring flowers have the amazing ability to bring a smile. They represent newness, freshness, and the hope for better days after a long dreary winter.” – Ed Lehming Yesterday, I returned to the patch of Hepatica that I had discovered last week. In my prior post, “April’s delicate Wonders” the flowers had not yet opened, but a few warmer days have done wonders and all the blossoms are now fully opened and… Read More

“The forest has so many beautiful gifts to share. Seemingly simple things, like fungi can be wonderful when we take the time to appreciate them.” – Ed Lehming As the snow has melted away, some of last year’s buried treasure has emerged and I’m constantly amazed at the things I have missed. Having walked this particular trail dozens of times in the autumn, somehow I missed this colourful Hen’s Tail right next… Read More

“Spring is a time of firsts . There is always a first blossom, a first leaf, or a first new growth. After months of watching things fade away, firsts are so refreshing.” – Ed Lehming Last week, as I was out taking photos of an early blooming patch of Hepatica. Since I was shooting with my macro lens, I was up close to the ground and paying close attention to the area… Read More

“Between seasons, old colours fade and new colours arrive. The once bright orange of beech is replaced by the pale greens of spring.” – Ed Lehming Things are changing quickly now. Only few mild days and a pale flush of bright green can be detected in the spring forest. The beech trees that provided me colour throughout the winter are fading, the leaves tattered and pale, like ghostly versions of their former… Read More

“Do not assume that tender equates to weakness. There is often great resilience in things that seem delicate at first sight.” – Ed Lehming The natural world continues to astound me. On the final day of March, I came across a patch of Hepatica, also known as Mayflower locally. Well, Mayflower seems to be ‘Marchflower’ this year. I had found this small patch and took a quick photo with my zoom lens,… Read More

“Spring knows no bounds, when life feels the need to erupt, it does so in its own time.” – Ed Lehming This has been a truly remarkable year. Just a few days ago, the forests still had patches of ice and snow and the ground was locked in frost. Today, March 31st, I returned to a patch of Hepatica which seemed to have survived the winter unscathed only to find it, and… Read More

“Spring reveals new things and new life. Sometimes, it has unexpected and early surprises, each received with joy, and curiosity.” – Ed Lehming This has been a very odd spring. It seems to be progressing at a quicker pace than usual, so I find myself looking back at my photos and notes from the past few years to validate what I am experiencing this year. It really is an advanced spring and… Read More

“The greens of spring bring so much promise, but the leftover greens of autumn speak of resilience” – Ed Lehming This spring has offered some very interesting scenes. I’ve hiked March trails covered in ice one day and clear the next. Bright colours from beech groves have remained bright, and new growth seems to be ready for the full revival of spring. Then there are some complete surprises, like this patch of… Read More

“Water slowly percolates from the ground, joining with spring run off. Drop by drop, a meander is formed, winding gently through the valley, nourishing all along her shores.” – Ed Lehming This sun-filled valley represented more elements of my hike this past Thursday. The water, freshly emerged from a wetland spring behind me shimmers with life and energy. I can almost hear its gentle babbling in the photo; blue skies reflected on… Read More

“Seasons blend and confound, spring is fall and fall is spring; my senses are overwhelmed by the shear beauty of the confusion.” – Ed Lehming I spent most of the day out on the trails yesterday. The forecast was for milder than usual temperatures and the day exceeded expectations. I spent the day outdoors in a long sleeved tee shirt, with my sleeves rolled up. The sun shone brightly above and had… Read More

“Water, in all its forms, fills the landscape. What was ice at night now flows and pools, seeping into the ground, providing nourishment to to forest. High above, moisture steams in the sunlit canopy. Spring thaw is upon us.” – Ed Lehming The forest seems to be transforming every day, shifting from its winter repose to spring activity. There are times when I simply stand in the forest, quietly, and take it… Read More

“Bright sunlight beams through hills, still snow covered. March is upon us and the forest takes a deep morning breath. The awakening begins with spring’s bright light.” – Ed Lehming It’s nearing the end of March. Much of our snow is now melted, yet patches remain in the deeper recesses of the forest to remind us that winter is not so far passed. If the typical weather patterns hold, we are still… Read More

“These are the final days of fire and ice, the fiery foliage of the beeches begins to fade and drop and the ice and snow will soon be only a memory.” – Ed Lehming The forest these days is filled with contrast and transition. The trails, covered with snow and ice mere days ago are strips of ice and slush. The only snow remains in sheltered valleys and north-facing hillsides. The beech… Read More

“The forest shifts and bends gently towards spring, each curve in the trail revealing a bit more earth along the icy edges of the trail. Distant hills, still snow covered, await the sunlight, so that they too can partake in the transformation.” – Ed Lehming I really do enjoy this time of year. With the proper gear, the icy trails are easy to navigate and it’s such a pleasure to be able… Read More

“The final day of winter and I stand on the edge of spring. Before me, two seasons meet and blend; only a few steps forwards and the snows of winter are behind me.” – Ed Lehming This really is a wonderful time of year. I get to experience two seasons at once, mere steps apart. In this image, the forest floor is still covered in snow, gradually melting but still very present…. Read More

“The final day of winter; I walk through familiar forests. Ice and snow recede around me, revealing their long buried secrets. The days warm; brightening light seeps between bare branches; the muted landscape prepares once more to be filled with colour.” – Ed Lehming I was not planning on returning to this style again, but the composition, which looked quite nice right from the camera, simply lent itself for one more go…. Read More

“Bright sunlight streams from above as the spring sun rises higher into the sky, it’s light intensified by the remaining snow and ice. I stand. transfixed as nature reveals its beauty, yet again.” – Ed Lehming I stood in this spot for close to half an hour, simply drinking it in. I noticed the bright sunshine filling this scene from the trail and stepped into the forest by a few meters to… Read More

“The days get longer, clocks go forward, and the sun blesses us with a bit more light each day; spring is on our doorstep.” – Ed Lehming While I have been spending a lot of my time on the trails in the mornings, there is also something to be said for the late afternoons as well. There is a soft, warm quality to the light, which I enhanced here through the application… Read More

“Winter merges into spring and water flows everywhere beneath the ice. Small rivulets merge and grow, melting snow and ice along their course; adding to their volume. The cycle begins again.” – Ed Lehming There is something wonderful that happens in March. The earth begins to stir and water, its lifeblood, begins to flow once more. Staring slowly but swelling with time. It’s a time when evidence of two seasons reminds us… Read More