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“The forest comes alive with wildflowers, each in their turn, offering an endless bouquet of beauty.” – Ed Lehming As I write this, 5 centimeters (2 inches) of snow have fallen, burying what yesterday was a gorgeous display of wildflowers, but that is April in my part of the world. Where mere weeks ago I was hiking on ice wearing just a tee shirt, yesterday’s blossoms lay beneath a blanket of white…. Read More

“From the compacted blanket of last year’s leaves, bright and beautiful wildflowers erupt, pushing aside the reminders of what was, and revealing was it to be.” – Ed Lehming Continuing the theme of this year’s early spring wildflowers, I present a beautiful pink cluster of early Hepatica. For this image, I got down low to the ground. My goal was to show the blossoms rising above the leaf litter and show some… Read More

“Drawn by sweet nectar and bright colour, the pollinators themselves add flamboyance to the joyful spring blossoms.” – Ed Lehming While I was capturing some images of this spring’s Hepaticas movement to my side caught my attention and presented me with this shot. Like the honey-bee post from yesterday, this was also shot hand-held but the beetle was not flying and so, made the image a lot less technical, though I had… Read More

“Spring flowers have the amazing ability to bring a smile. They represent newness, freshness, and the hope for better days after a long dreary winter.” – Ed Lehming Yesterday, I returned to the patch of Hepatica that I had discovered last week. In my prior post, “April’s delicate Wonders” the flowers had not yet opened, but a few warmer days have done wonders and all the blossoms are now fully opened and… Read More

“Do not assume that tender equates to weakness. There is often great resilience in things that seem delicate at first sight.” – Ed Lehming The natural world continues to astound me. On the final day of March, I came across a patch of Hepatica, also known as Mayflower locally. Well, Mayflower seems to be ‘Marchflower’ this year. I had found this small patch and took a quick photo with my zoom lens,… Read More

“Spring knows no bounds, when life feels the need to erupt, it does so in its own time.” – Ed Lehming This has been a truly remarkable year. Just a few days ago, the forests still had patches of ice and snow and the ground was locked in frost. Today, March 31st, I returned to a patch of Hepatica which seemed to have survived the winter unscathed only to find it, and… Read More

“After a long winter, spring flowers offer much-needed cheer to our lives.” – Ed Lehming Honestly, I don’t get tired of these lovely spring blossoms and their variations. The hepatica I have observed over the years go from pure white to shades of pink and purple, I suspect driven by the various minerals in the soil. This year they seemed to bloom a bit early and I was very surprised to see… Read More

“Ugly or beautiful, it is the little creatures that make the world go round. We should celebrate and appreciated them in all their wonderful diversity.”  ― Dave Goulson Inevitably, if you make enough images of flowers outdoors, nature dictates that a bug will be in one of those images. That was the case last weekend, as I was photographing the many beautiful hepaticas that had just started blooming. Just as I was about… Read More

“It would seem from this fact, that man is naturally a wild animal, and that when taken from the woods, he is never happy in his natural state, ’till he returns to them again.”  ― Benjamin Rush I am happy to be returning to the forest, which I’m never really away from for long. However, weather and work, have teamed up to make my brief forays into the local forest quite difficult. So,… Read More

“Oh, the joy, the joy of Spring, a joy so grand, so absolute, so lavish and engaging, dipping my humble soul in magic, uplifting and exhilarating, instilling beauty and virtue into my days.” ― Amelia Dashwood Here’s another one of my region’s ‘early bloomers’, Hepatica or Sharp Lobed Liver-Leaf. It seems to manage well in the cool spring temperatures because of the long hairs on the stem. As you may be able to see… Read More