Ed Lehming Photography


“After a mid-April snowfall, even the plants seem hesitant to re-open.” – Ed Lehming It’s a bit odd that I keep finding allusions to COVID in my photos. Living in the province of Ontario, Canada, with it’s high case count and obscure lockdown measures to come at COVID, my thoughts often tie back to ‘opening up’. Currently we are under a 6 week ‘stay at home’ order, meaning we are to stay… Read More

“Water, in all its forms, fills the landscape. What was ice at night now flows and pools, seeping into the ground, providing nourishment to to forest. High above, moisture steams in the sunlit canopy. Spring thaw is upon us.” – Ed Lehming The forest seems to be transforming every day, shifting from its winter repose to spring activity. There are times when I simply stand in the forest, quietly, and take it… Read More

“In nature, all things come in their prescribed time. Nature delays deliberately, without explanation. In time, we see the reasons and they seem obvious.” – Ed Lehming I think my perspective this spring is highly influenced by the current global COVID-19 pandemic. I live in Ontario, Canada and our provincial flower is the trillium, so I’m seeing a great analogy to the province ‘opening up’ the economy. There are lots of trilliums… Read More

“It is hard to be defensive toward a danger which you have never imagined existed.” ― John Christopher It is indeed interesting watching this year’s spring emergence of wildflowers. Some, like the Hepatica pictured above, are designed to weather the uncertainties of spring. The many tiny hairs on the delicate new blossom protect the plant from spring frosts by providing a layer of insulation. I also noticed that plants this spring seem a… Read More

“Sometimes you just had to crawl through the dark before you could see the light.”  ― E.L. Montes Butterflies can be a challenge to photograph. They are quite shy and their irregular flight makes them tough to track. But, it’s that irregular movement that makes me notice them. This wood nymph first appeared in my peripheral vision and floated around me for some time before finally landing, far away from me and in… Read More