Ed Lehming Photography


“Into the woods I venture, always pleased when I encounter new and unexpected sights.” – Ed Lehming I was pleased to be back on the forest trails again today. Last weekend was a tough hike, with melting snow and slush making ever step an adventure in balance, even with my cleats on. Today, the forest floor was coated with a fresh coat of snow and temperatures and re-frozen the slush of last… Read More

“As winter begins to yield and days lengthen, the tires forest still offers splashes of colour. The intensity and profusion varies by year, but there are always pockets of brightness, reminders of vibrant life past, and promises of life to come.” – Ed Lehming This winter has felt exceptionally long. There have been some beautiful, bright days, but snow came in large storms and made travel to my favourite spots a bit… Read More

“Winter merges into spring and water flows everywhere beneath the ice. Small rivulets merge and grow, melting snow and ice along their course; adding to their volume. The cycle begins again.” – Ed Lehming There is something wonderful that happens in March. The earth begins to stir and water, its lifeblood, begins to flow once more. Staring slowly but swelling with time. It’s a time when evidence of two seasons reminds us… Read More

“Spring is on our doorstep; the season’s snow melting under ever increasing sunlight. The forest stirs from it’s winter sleep.” – Ed Lehming It’s nearly the middle of March, the change in the air is tangible, the days are getting longer and gradually milder, and there is new birdsong in the air. This image was made yesterday morning as I hiked a local forest. It was quite an experience; the forest still… Read More

“What lies ahead? We seldom know the details, but we anticipate, hoping for the best.” – Ed Lehming As February transitions to March, I am keenly aware of the subtle changes in the forest. The light is a bit warmer and softer than it has been for far too long, there are more birds flitting about in the branches high above. There is more movement and the sounds are different. Even the… Read More

“Light and shadow compete in the changing light just as the warm and cool air swirls within the March forest, each seeking dominion at this time of transition.” – Ed Lehming For this image I set out to try something very different from my usual style. First of all, I shot the image in mono, getting the light and shadow to balance just right after several failed attempts. Second, I shot a… Read More

“Enter March with caution, it may seem calm and quite but the month can surprise the unprepared with surprising fury, all is not as it seems in the moment. – Ed Lehming It’s been quite a change since my last outing at the end of February. The snow remains, but warm and sunny days followed and the snow now lies deep and wet, and packed, making the trails easier to walk, without… Read More

“March teased and taunted with hints of spring, but ended with a reminder that nature is in command, not the calendar, as warm rains turned to sleet and snow” – Ed Lehming It has been a very odd March, a very odd March indeed. The month started out as many Marches do in this area: with lengthening days interspersed with snow storms and sunshine as the weather patterns swing towards milder days,… Read More

“The snow began, as a faint mist, floating in the air, gradually softening the distant trees” – Ed Lehming So it was, that March morning, a day that started out dull, the forecast calling for light snow, which did not seem to materialize as I started my hike. Then slowly, a beautiful and unexpected brightness filled the forest, taking away some of the dull cast of ceaseless clouds that have dominated this… Read More

“The difference between darkness and brightness is how you thrive on those moments and how you use such circumstances with goodwill in your spirit.”  ― Angelica Hopes I find myself, on this day in early March, wondering where time has gone. It’s been many weeks since I felt inspired to sit and write. I’ve been out making photos, but the days have been cold, dull, and largely uninspiring. Today, I set forth to… Read More

“Winter teetered on the verge of succumbing to the returning sun, but today the breeze still preferred the touch of snowflakes” ― Rue Many miles from the tropical shores of the Sea of Cortez, which I have so fondly remembered of late, lies another shoreline. The shore of Lake Ontario. In stark contrast to the warm sands and tropical breezes of Baja, these shores, transitioning from the icy grip of winter to… Read More