Ed Lehming Photography


“Light and shadow compete in the changing light just as the warm and cool air swirls within the March forest, each seeking dominion at this time of transition.” – Ed Lehming For this image I set out to try something very different from my usual style. First of all, I shot the image in mono, getting the light and shadow to balance just right after several failed attempts. Second, I shot a… Read More

This is perhaps the most photographed staircase in Toronto. The Douglas Fir clad stairs were designed by Frank Gehry as part of a major renovation of the Art Gallery of Ontario, known as the AGO and completed in 2008. The curves, textures, and play of light are a photographer’s dream. I’ve made several images of the staircase, which extends up 5 stories and has 138 steps, but have never noticed this angle, which is… Read More