“Up and Over”

“Up and Over”

“What lies ahead? We seldom know the details, but we anticipate, hoping for the best.” – Ed Lehming

As February transitions to March, I am keenly aware of the subtle changes in the forest. The light is a bit warmer and softer than it has been for far too long, there are more birds flitting about in the branches high above. There is more movement and the sounds are different. Even the air has a new feel.

There is a change just ahead and just like the forest trails as they rise and dip, so do the seasons, but it’s never quite the same, there is always some slight variation beyond the next hill.

It’s those subtle changes that I enjoy the most, not anxiously, but with glad anticipation. That barely noticable change may be the inspiration for my next favourite photo, though I have tread these paths so many times before.

There is also a change in me, how I see things, how I perceive them, as well as my many experiences lead me on, always knowing that what lies ahead will not be the same as what I have become accustomed to and I hope that my journey thus far has prepared me to fully enjoy them.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD @ 70 mm
1/4 sec, f/32, ISO 200

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2 Comments on ““Up and Over”

  1. I was thinking just this morning of how this is a season of change. Literally something new each day- ice-off, tulip tops, red-winged blackbirds.
    It made me think of how summer is almost boring and static compared to the other seasons.
    We have as many and as rapid changes in the fall, but we have a different mindset, generally. We’re preparing for something, like getting ready to go spelunking down into a cave.
    In spring, we are emerging, like returning to daylight after a stretch underground.

    Loved the corollary of the image, the season, and the mood.

    Seek peace,


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