“The Path Less Trodden”

“The narrow path lead me into new parts of the familiar forest. The tight, overhanging branches closed in above me creating an bright and comforting canopy of white above me.” – Ed Lehming

My recent series of re-imagined images may soon be winding down. I’ve found great joy in this process but I’m finding that as the colour of the forest shift to a different tone, that the images don’t lend themselves to this treatment as well. I’ve been shifting greens to brown and blues to teal, which works very well in bringing warmth to winter scenes. I’ve experimented with a few spring images from last year and it loses its appeal.

The image that I chose for today was made back in December as I sought a quieter place, of the main trails. I’ve grown accustomed to having space for myself, so I started looking for some of the lesser travelled trails and explored some of the more isolated regions in the forest trail system that I have become so familiar with. These narrow trails, especially after a heavy snowfall, are extremely peaceful, though the lack of traffic also meant that I had to do a lot of trailblazing in snowshoes, which requires more exertion but provides the reward of having spaces all to myself to simply enjoy in quiet; spaces like this, where I am literally enshrouded in the winter whiteness.

iPhone 7 @ 3.99 mm
1/1600 sec, f/1.8, ISO 20

6 Comments on ““The Path Less Trodden”

  1. Interesting photos, Ed, and fun to be creative and play outside of the box. Finding the quiet trails possibly allows your imagination to flourish. Wonderful post!

  2. I’m glad to hear this was an image from December. My first thought was that you’d had new snow. That would have been sad at this time of year.

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