“Droplets of orange hang on fragile branches laden with heavy snow, like splashes of sunshine, competing for my attention with the white brightness of the new fallen snow” – Ed Lehming

As I consider winding down my recent series of re-imagined photos, I keep coming across a few gems that I had overlooked, most of them featuring beech trees and their glorious winter foliage. They seem to have become my focus over the past few months, taking me away from the stark grayness that can often define our winter months. Sure, there are bright, sunny days with lovely clear light and bright blue skies, but there are an equal number of dull, cold, and lifeless days as well.

Perhaps it’s an outcome of the effects that COVID has had on most of us. It seems that I have found myself seeking the positive; those points of brightness that give me hope and provide some joy? It’s not that this year has not had it’s joyous moments, we had a new grandson just two weeks ago and have actually been able to hold him, since we have remained closely connected with our youngest daughter, his mother, throughout the pandemic. So, there have been some blessings in our lives and the pandemic drags on.

The beech, and my processing of my recent images have simply provided me with change; with something new and interesting, to keep my mind positive and looking forward through theses times. This images is one example, though the tree hangs covered in snow, the bright orange colour of the leaves becomes the focus, though the snow is also lovely and compliments the scene.

iPhone 7 @ 3.99 mm
1/1000 sec, f/1.8, ISO 20

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