“Frosty Friday”

“On even the coldest winter days, the warm glow of the beech leaves radiate with a warmth that makes my very soul glad. I cannot help but smile with joy when I am blessed to be among them.” – Ed Lehming

I’ve posted about the beauty of beeches in the winter on many occasions, yet I continue to find myself drawn to them. They provide me an inexplicable sense of joy in the dull and frigid winter time.

As I set out on the trails today, the temperatures hovered around -14C. There was no wind and the sun shone brightly yet low in the sky. Despite the extreme temperatures, the rays of the sun still found their way between the tall pines and set the beech leaves ablaze in copper splendour.

I stood among the trees, basking in the simple beauty of these trees. My spirit soared and a huge smile formed on my face. It was a tonic to my very being in these depressing times. So, I remained there for some time, refuelling my emotional reserves. I’ve been in this glade many times and it is a place that I find myself whenever I need a recharge. There is an inexplicable energy here, I can feel it in my bones.

The image above was made on the trail as I approached this sacred place. You can see a few of the beeches rising in the distant path as well as the golden glow they produce in the underbrush of the pine forest. I also decided that to really communicate the mood of this scene, that I would digitally enhance it to give the painterly style that I am so fond of. Looking at it now, I believe I have achieved that.

Today also reminded me that no matter what the conditions around me are like, there is almost always something precious to sustain us, if we simply slow down and look around with expectation.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 4.2 mm
1/241 sec, f/1.6, ISO 32

10 Comments on ““Frosty Friday”

  1. Your description of being nourished, like a tonic, by standing amongst the simple beauty of these trees resonates deeply for me. I take in a full deep breath and let it out slowly while hearing the silence of winter in these woods.

  2. I really like your painterly edit, Ed, and your third paragraph is exactly how I always felt when out in the winter in the park I frequented in Illinois. Such a wonderful feeling.


  3. Nice edit and post many esp like this
    “there is almost always something precious to sustain us, if we simply slow down and look around with expectation.”
    So true !!

  4. A terrific picture and i agree with your thoughts.
    I found your site through Michael @ OIKOS publishing

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