Ed Lehming Photography


“Gentle waves, like a sheet of rich blue silk, touched the shore. With barely a breeze, only the gentle pulse of the water filled the air, and the sun lit the horizon, like a distant fire. All around me is peace. I drink it in, savouring every moment; the perfect ending to a wonderful summer day.” – Ed Lehming Today, a brief pause in my California series for an image made yesterday… Read More

“Inevitably, summer turns to autumn and autumn turns to winter, the inescapable cycle continues.” – Ed Lehming It seems like mere days ago I was fully immersed in a beautiful, mild and sun filled autumn. The days seemed to progress slowly, allowing me to fully savour the wonderful colours, scents, and sounds. But alas, all thing must end and the cycle of the seasons continues. The once lush and ripe grapes that… Read More

“Returning to a memorable place is so refreshing, but we should not dwell there. Life has so many new memories for us to make.” – Ed Lehming I did want to revisit this place and moment one last time. As I mentioned in a previous post, this is one of those opportunities we need to take whenever possible. It was a peripheral image that I made time to experience and I continue… Read More

“I stand, transfixed, surrounded by a sea of fall colours so beautiful that it’s hard to describe. And through it all, red beams from the forest. Bold and bright. It’s not even a competition, it has my full attention.” – Ed Lehming Just yesterday, though it seems like days, my wife and daughter and I went for a walk along Prince Edward County’s Millenium Trail. Fall was in full show and the… Read More

“A common sight in the right light suddenly becomes beautiful.” – Ed Lehming I’ve passed this shed countless times and it barely registers. It’s just an old shed along the road near my home. It’s commonplace and a bit weather-worn. A few evenings ago, as we walked to a local restaurant for diner with friends the early evening light changed the entire appearance of the shed. It glowed in the soft evening… Read More

“In the heat of mid-Autumn, grapes hang thick and ripening in the sunshine. Harvest is not so far off now.” – Ed Lehming Yesterday, we had the opportunity to visit few of the local wineries in Prince Edward County. Many are now offering food as an option. COVID-19 has made wine tastings ‘interesting’ and we experienced many variations on what was once a fairly standard practice. Depending on the winery, its size,… Read More

“Within the swamps of Prince Edward County, layers of green draw me deeper and deeper as the light shimmers with summer’s heat. Despite days of endless heat and sunshine, the forest remains lush.” – Ed Lehming As I spend time exploring the landscapes of my second home, it’s the swamps that fascinate me. The swamps are not deep oozing bogs; they are filled with wonderful swamp maples which thrive in this unique… Read More

“Long, hot summer days and quiet country roads yield surprises and raise questions, to the curious.” – Ed Lehming There are many times when a drive down a backroad offers interesting sights. Most frequently I see an old abandoned building and wonder how it came to be in the state it’s in. I try to picture it when it was first built, envision a family starting a home. As a new house,… Read More