“A Change of Seasons”

“Inevitably, summer turns to autumn and autumn turns to winter, the inescapable cycle continues.” – Ed Lehming

It seems like mere days ago I was fully immersed in a beautiful, mild and sun filled autumn. The days seemed to progress slowly, allowing me to fully savour the wonderful colours, scents, and sounds. But alas, all thing must end and the cycle of the seasons continues. The once lush and ripe grapes that I enjoyed watching grow now hang on leafless vines, puckered and drying in the cold air just before winter’s start.

I could not resist this image made outside a local art gallery. The Andara Gallery, in Ontario’s Prince Edward County, has two showing areas: one in a renovated barn, used seasonally, and a climate controlled, modern building which is open year-round.

Outside the old barn are wild grapes. I noticed the grapes as we were preparing for a photo session that the owners of the gallery are putting on this year as a fund raiser for the local hospital foundation. They placed a large Christmas Tree in the barn and set up chairs and benches for the photo sessions. It provided my wife and I some nice holiday photos, supports a local charity, and afforded me the opportunity to make another photo for myself.

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