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“As the winter winds down with dull skies, I fondly reflect back on the memories of bright autumn days, filled with colour, cheer, and times spent among the trees.” – Ed Lehming I believe I like this time of year (late winter) the least. There are hints of warmer days ahead, but between overcast skies, flurry filled mornings, icy trails, and the grimey looking banks of snow I find my thoughts drifting… Read More

“It’s late November and though it’s still autumn, winter’s first whispers hint at snowy days to come as frost clings to slender branches and the world prepares once more for its winter slumber.” – Ed Lehming I recently realized that it has been many months since I have posted here. I really can’t recall the event that led to my absence but I have been making photos all along, I simply have… Read More

“As winter approaches, remnants and reminders of autumn persist, adding colour to the gradual toning down to winter whites.” – Ed Lehming This image was a fortunate combination of two factors: convenient compositional angle and a very wide aperture on my new Iphone 12 Pro. The compositional angle is due to me trying to get the cluster of leaves lined up to my satisfaction, which put all the stems behind the leaves… Read More

“Inevitably, summer turns to autumn and autumn turns to winter, the inescapable cycle continues.” – Ed Lehming It seems like mere days ago I was fully immersed in a beautiful, mild and sun filled autumn. The days seemed to progress slowly, allowing me to fully savour the wonderful colours, scents, and sounds. But alas, all thing must end and the cycle of the seasons continues. The once lush and ripe grapes that… Read More

“I was drinking in the surroundings: air so crisp you could snap it with your fingers and greens in every lush shade imaginable offset by autumnal flashes of red and yellow.” – Wendy Delsol This was a bit of a surprise composition. As I looked into the forest all I could see was layers and layers of muted colour and bright patches of light. I saw the potential of a nice image… Read More

“The sun caught the remaining crimson leaves of the blackberry bush, reflecting it like a bright red beacon in the shadows.” – Ed Lehming It’s a fairly common occurrence, this time of year, to see a bright splash of colour caught in the sun. With the many beautiful yellows, oranges, and reds combined with the low, soft sunlight, these colours show up in strong contrast to the darker background of the forest…. Read More

“With the morning sun at my back, light blazed above me, lighting the trail ahead with golden warmth.” – Ed Lehming I can’t seem to get enough of autumn, as snow now begins to fall and swirl around outside. I was very fortunate to have the ability to spend longer periods of time on the local trails just as fall was coming into its full splendour. Even the photo above, made only… Read More

“Delicious autumn, I could revel in her warmth and colours for months and not get tired of it. Like a leaf suspended above the ground, I move in her breezes, lost in her splendour.” – Ed Lehming Such a simple thing, yet so much a part of the whole experience. This maple leaf, caught by chance on a cedar branch, hangs suspended above the forest floor, warm autumn light making it glow… Read More

“There are times when nature becomes intimately close. I revel in those moments and hold them sacred. I become part of the natural world, not merely an observer.” – Ed Lehming Yesterday was a big change in weather for us in Southern Ontario. We have had over a week of mild, almost summer-like conditions, with lots of bright sunshine. The shift to autumn norms has began and the day started out like… Read More

“A multitude of colours and textures lays at my feet, a scattered sample of the colours which fill the autumn forest. A chance to consider the incredible multitude of shapes, textures, and tones the forest has to offer me this day.” – Ed Lehming I was considering how I would approach this image. As with many things that I photograph, I’m often not sure at the time what, exactly, is drawing me… Read More

“There are few things more soothing than the bright colours of autumn and a handful of bright, warm days. It feels like the world around us is beaming with joy and it’s contagious.” – Ed Lehming I continue to review the images I made on my many autumn hikes. Today, I look on a drab, rainy, and dull landscape, so reflecting back on the colour and light of recent weeks is refreshing…. Read More

“Autumn is like that final concentrated burst at a fireworks display; it’s like the forest has been saving up for that one spectacular grand finale.” – Ed Lehming It’s hard to believe that a mere two weeks has passed since I made this image. It was the second week of ‘fall’ proper. The prior week still had lots of greens and yellows and the canopy was still quite dense. On this day,… Read More

“Before me spread a carpet of freshly fallen leaves, pristine and undisturbed, like a ribbon of gold, drawing me forward into the serenity of the autumn forest.” – Ed Lehming This past weekend was a magical time, on several levels; frost had settled into the forests, causing leaves to fall rapidly as the sun warmed the trees, creating a thick and aromatic carpet of colour, and it was also the first time… Read More

“Autumn’s bright colour makes everything bright” – Ed Lehming This long-dead tree sits along the roadside leading to my daughter’s house. In most seasons it stands as a stark memorial of a once wonderful maple tree. Every year it deteriorates a bit, dropping limbs and shedding bark. There is not much left other than the trunk and a handful of branches. I do notice every time I drive by it because it… Read More

“I stand, transfixed, surrounded by a sea of fall colours so beautiful that it’s hard to describe. And through it all, red beams from the forest. Bold and bright. It’s not even a competition, it has my full attention.” – Ed Lehming Just yesterday, though it seems like days, my wife and daughter and I went for a walk along Prince Edward County’s Millenium Trail. Fall was in full show and the… Read More

“As winter takes hold, autumn lashes out in fiery shows of golds and orange as if shouting, “My splendour is not yet spent”, her voice fading in the chill of November, another day closer to winter.” – Ed Lehming Such was the scene today as I drove home from a visit to Bancroft, Ontario. I had driven up for the day to drop of recent prints at the Artists Co-op I belong… Read More

“Nature is filled with cycles, as one thing passes from this world, another is ready to take its place. Each eager for it’s time in the sun” – Ed Lehming I find myself returning to this place frequently, primarily because of the stark contrasts i find here. The hillside is filled with several standing dead pine trees. By the bleached look of them and the deterioration of the bark, I’d say they… Read More

“Golden light beams forth from the hillsides behind the tall pines, competing with the sunshine at my side; a competition for my attention.” – Ed Lehming  This is a scene very typical of a local conservation area that I hike on a regular basis. Every visit I make offers some new scene of beauty that make me wonder if I had simply missed it on a prior passing. There is something along… Read More

“Movement. The forest is not a static thing. It’s alive and beckons me into it.” – Ed Lehming An experiment in movement that I played with recently. I’ve been doing vertical pan photos for some time and have them down to pure muscle memory and the sound of the shutter ‘slap’. Here, I introduced movement by zooming in as I made the image. My standard shutter speed of 1/4 second remains the… Read More

“Autumn, the final brilliant show of the trees I have know all summer. Shine brightly, fill my senses, for I will miss you in the chill of winter and remember your beauty fondly.” – Ed Lehming It seems to me that the annual autumn show of colours was particularly bright this year. Birches competed with the beeches in their bright tones of yellow and orange. Even the light reflecting from the tree… Read More

“Within the autumn forests, trees put on a final brilliant show of colours to brighten our days as the days shorten and sunlight fades” –  Ed Lehming Can you imagine an autumn without colour? An autumn where the days simply become darker and the leaves drop to the ground as dried green husks? Thankfully, that is not the case and as days become shorter and the temperatures cool there is still the… Read More

“There are time when we just need to ‘pause’, and in that time, we can be filled with the most beautiful of things.” – Ed Lehming As I took my own ‘pause’ at lunch today, I was greeted by this unexpectedly stunning scene as I rounded a corner. The real joy in this image is that this is likely to be the last day with mild weather for some time and the… Read More

“The colours of Autumn turn the world into a wonderland of colour, sound, and scent. There are times when I feel that I have left reality and entered the land of fables.” – Ed Lehming As I beheld the scene before me I was filled with an absolute sense of awe. The mid-afternoon sunlight filled the forest with a soft and wondrous display of light and colour. I literally felt like I… Read More

“Slowly and subtly , the colours of the world shifted. The bright greens of summer transformed to gold and copper, as the autumn breeze rustled in the tree tops high above. The warm glooming of the summer forest filled with a soft light that brought vigour to my spirit as I partook in the forest freshness.” – Ed Lehming I truly love autumn. Though it’s a time when the forest begins preparations for… Read More

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”  ― Jim Bishop I know, I’m a bit behind. This image was made on December 20th of last year. This image keeps popping up as I review my photos and I knew that I wanted to post it at some point soon. That time has now come. This is actually an odd image in that the leaves are actually compressed by… Read More

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity… and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.”  ― William Blake Today, a brief reprieve from my my Iceland series, which is not nearly complete. Yesterday, as the early snowfalls… Read More

“In November, the earth is growing quiet. It is making its bed, a winter bed for flowers and small creatures. The bed is white and silent, and much life can hide beneath its blankets.”  ― Cynthia Rylant I wanted to post another photo of the beautiful wintery scenes created by last Friday’s snow squalls. Though a bit early for my liking, heavy snows turned the world into a wonderland in mere minutes. The… Read More

“In November, the trees are standing all sticks and bones. Without their leaves, how lovely they are, spreading their arms like dancers. They know it is time to be still.”  ― Cynthia Rylant Today I decide to make a short departure from my Iceland Journal, though that will continue for some time, as I continue to process the images and memories. While I revel in those times, not so long ago, nature reminded… Read More

“You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintery light. But you knew there would always be the spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen” – Ernest Hemingway The theme of my posts, of late, has been leftover or left behind photos. All… Read More

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”  ― L. M. Montgomery As I prepare for my 2018 Studio Tour, it gives me time to reflect on present photos, as well as those from previous years and I am astounded about how many have been printed, yet I have not taken the time to comment on them. This image is one of those photos that for one reason or… Read More