“Hanging on to Autumn”

“Delicious autumn, I could revel in her warmth and colours for months and not get tired of it. Like a leaf suspended above the ground, I move in her breezes, lost in her splendour.” – Ed Lehming

Such a simple thing, yet so much a part of the whole experience. This maple leaf, caught by chance on a cedar branch, hangs suspended above the forest floor, warm autumn light making it glow with the colour of fire.

It caught my eye immediately as I came around a bend in the trail. The sun caught it in such a way that it simply stood out against everything else. It beckoned to be photographed, as lovely reminder of this years wonderful, warm autumn days.

My life circumstances had just changed and I found myself out of work at my favourite time of year. With COVID 19 still a very present part of our lives, seldom used trails filled with people from the neighbouring city on the weekend. Parking is next to impossible and the throngs of people on the trails take away from the quite pleasure I usually enjoy. Not having to work, for a time, has afforded me the time to go hiking at my leisure. There are no deadlines to meet and no urgency to hurry along. I am simply able to ‘be’ in the forest and enjoy everything that nature has to offer me.

I’m finding myself very much at peace, able to recharge and heal mentally after 34 years of increasingly urgent work. It’s giving me time for solitude and reflection as I enjoy the sights, breath the fresh fall air, and listen to the sound of leaves crunching underfoot. Though unfortunate and disruptive, this ‘downtime’ it is proving to be very refreshing, so I will take all it has to offer me.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD @ 200 mm
1/125sec, f/2.8, ISO 200

8 Comments on ““Hanging on to Autumn”

      • You write like a Poet Mr. Lehming.
        And your photos are Very Beautiful.

        –All those fiery bright colours of Autum and that maple leaf. So Canadian 😊

        Your photographs captured all that Beauty found in Nature and it’s seasons. Their colours and the way you see them.

        It is often said: ‘ Beauty its in the Eyes of the beholder ‘

        And your eyes Mr. Ed, indeed, see True beauty, reflected in each of your photographs.
        Again, your photos are very Beautiful and mesmerising.

        Thank you for Sharing them.

        Have yourself A lovely and fantastic day. Even under lockdown.


        🍁K. CamposReyes✍

  1. This photo is magical the light is beautiful, I love Autumn and agree I could be wrapped in it for a long while.

  2. You write like a Poet Mr. Leaning. And your photos are Very Beautiful.
    Thank you for Sharing them.

    It is said that ‘ Beauty its in the Eyes of the beholder. ‘ And what you see, in my eyes its quite Lovely and of much beauty Mr. Ed.

    I AM an Admirer of Nature and before the Virus and the lockdown, I too used to go for quiet walks and loved to catch the glimpses of the sunsets and observed with artsy eyes the Beauty of God’s creation. And I am not an expert photographer, NOR take any Beautiful and lovely pictures like you. Nor have those photo imaging skills of yours. But my eyes find true Beauty in your photos, just as you took them or created or adjusted the lighting etc.

    I just wanted to write that your photos are exeptional and Splendid. They gave me a good feel about them.
    And the way you express yourself, as you describe all that you want to convey; it’s lovely.

    And the bright colours of Firery Autumn are just mesmerizing.

    A fabulous and Blissful day to you Mr. Lehming.


    🍁K. CamposReyes✍

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