“The Glow of Autumn”

“Autumn is like that final concentrated burst at a fireworks display; it’s like the forest has been saving up for that one spectacular grand finale.” – Ed Lehming

It’s hard to believe that a mere two weeks has passed since I made this image. It was the second week of ‘fall’ proper. The prior week still had lots of greens and yellows and the canopy was still quite dense. On this day, the greens were largely gone and the soft autumn light fully penetrated the forest, filtered and reflected from the wonderful orange and golden leaves. The low sun also cast glorious shadows.

This was just one of many wonderful moments when I paused along the trail, breathed in the scent of fallen leaves and fresh soil, basked in the diffused light, and listened intently to the sounds of falling leaves. For me, there are few things more refreshing and enjoyable.

The image was made in effort to preserve this memory and it turned out beautifully. It fully captures my experience, without the sounds and scents.

Phone 7 back camera @ 4.0mm
f/1.8; ISO 20

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