“Making Time to Enjoy”

“There are times in our lives where we simply need to stop and enjoy what is placed before us.” – Ed Lehming

I have “noticed” this scene many times over the past year, but I have never stopped to enjoy it. It’s one of those things we notice from the periphery of our “busyness”. It captures our attention, only momentarily and then we carry on.

Today, I was determined that I would spend some time here, enjoying the serenity of the location, along a fairly busy highway in Ontario’s Prince Edward County, a popular tourist destination. As cars wizzed by I stood and simply revelled in the place.

I had imagined what it might ‘realize’ into as a photo. Again, just on the edge of my imagination. It has left a lasting impression of what “might” be. I was hoping for good light, a few clouds to keep the composition interesting and engaging, and that I could frame it effectively from my roadside vantage point.

As the photo above can attest, I was not disappointed. Most of the desired elements aligned. The late afternoon light was soft and warm, a gentle breeze added texture to the pond. There was even a beaver in the pond, who quickly exited the frame before I was ready to snap the shutter. All that was missing was the bright yellow leaves that adorned the tree a few weeks ago. I will have to revisit this place a few more time to fully enjoy what might be.

For now, I am very content with what had, up to today, simply been a vision in my imagination. That is perhaps the greatest joy of photography for me; to communicate my own imagination and perception for others to enjoy, all because I took a few minutes to stop and enjoy a moment that I had passed by on previous occasions.

I would encourage everyone to take the time to enjoy absolutely every beautiful moment placed before us.

4 Comments on ““Making Time to Enjoy”

  1. I see what you mean, and understand how you think. It becomes difficult to convey the thought in the picture sometimes. But, as long as you try, it progresses.

  2. It captures our attention, only momentarily and then we carry on. Yes it’s true ..we can enjoy it whenever we want ..just need to find a place of peace 👍 great post

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