Ed Lehming Photography


“As the deep cold of January takes hold, the world is transformed, but not diminished” – Ed Lehming This haunting image was made along the roadside in Ontario’s Prince Edward County. The island/peninsula location in south-eastern Ontario is made up on a thick layer of limestone. It’s the limestone that creates the interesting ridges that the water flows from and then freezes as it encounters the cold air. Limestone is also extremely… Read More

“There are times in our lives where we simply need to stop and enjoy what is placed before us.” – Ed Lehming I have “noticed” this scene many times over the past year, but I have never stopped to enjoy it. It’s one of those things we notice from the periphery of our “busyness”. It captures our attention, only momentarily and then we carry on. Today, I was determined that I would… Read More

“Water craft of all sizes float on the bay on a hazy summer afternoon” – Ed Lehming The photo above was made while travelling across Picton Bay on the Glenora Ferry. The ferry transports vehicles and people from a dock at the eastern end of Prince Edward County to the mainland to the north. It’s a very short trip of about five minutes but saves a long trip around the bay itself…. Read More

“Late August sunshine nourishes maturing plants. Fruiting vines, like grapes, hang heavy with their bounty.” – Ed Lehming I’ve been spending more and more time at our home in Prince Edward County (PEC). One of the “county’s” claims to fame, and a major draw for urban tourists, are the numerous established and emerging wineries. It’s a wonderful experience to visit the wineries and see all the ripening grapes in the fields, including… Read More

“Seemingly out of place, on a wide gravel beach, the frog makes its way over the polished stones to the refreshing waters of the lake.” – Ed Lehming On a recent trip to Ontario’s Prince Edward County, we spent some time on a quiet gravel beach. The beach was made of heavily polished limestone pieces deposited by the churning waters of Lake Ontario. These stones where all flat and smooth and extended… Read More

“You can feel it in the air and in memories of the past. Despite the snow and wind, a hint of spring and the coming spring rite of maple syrup whispers at our thoughts.” – Ed Lehming On a recent trip to Ontario’s Prince Edward County, I was drawn to this peaceful scene of a sugar shack nestled in the woods that I spotted across a farm field and knew I had… Read More