“A multitude of colours and textures lays at my feet, a scattered sample of the colours which fill the autumn forest. A chance to consider the incredible multitude of shapes, textures, and tones the forest has to offer me this day.” – Ed Lehming

I was considering how I would approach this image. As with many things that I photograph, I’m often not sure at the time what, exactly, is drawing me towards that particular composition. Often, it’s not till many days later, when I have the chance to spend some time with the image, that that element or understanding emerges.

As I began a hike a few days ago, I noticed the colourful leaves laying on a wooden boardwalk which crosses a wetland one of the trails I regularly frequent. I stood there of a moment, looking at the textures and colours of what lay at my feet, separated fairly well so that each leaf showed its own particular character. I made the image simply so I could look back on it later as a bit of a novelty. The dark wooden planks really made the leaves ‘pop’ and show their brightness and is what caused to to stop here in the first place.

Now, as I look back on that particular decision, I realize that this simple isolation of elements is something I regularly do as I make photos. Here it’s the strong contrast between the bright leaves and the dark wood, other times it’s a particular element that stands out from its surroundings. There is no particular focus but the image grabs your attention and you end up drawn into it, taking on the individual parts, rather than the whole and small details that would normally be overlooked begin to emerge.

iPhone 7 back camera @ 4.0mm
1/30 sec; f/1.8; ISO 2

10 Comments on ““Scattered”

  1. Did you arrange, or did nature? I hope you did. I never run across stuff that wonderful. I have photographer friends who can also make natural compositions; suspect you are one of those, and I’m jealous. My compositions look like someone dropped a bit of nature and missed cleaning it up.

    Nicely done, obviously.

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