Ed Lehming Photography


“There are times when nature becomes intimately close. I revel in those moments and hold them sacred. I become part of the natural world, not merely an observer.” – Ed Lehming Yesterday was a big change in weather for us in Southern Ontario. We have had over a week of mild, almost summer-like conditions, with lots of bright sunshine. The shift to autumn norms has began and the day started out like… Read More

“Sometimes, staying alive solely depends on keeping your head in place and your senses alert” ― Susana Fortes Yes, this doe is alert indeed. She was crossing the road as I drove along the road to Fort Stewart this past weekend. I pulled over as she casually walked up the embankment to join her three fawns, who were busy grazing just outside the forest. She sat an watched , always attentive, twitching at… Read More

“The world is a beautiful place, you just don’t see it all the time.” ― Phil Mitchell I generally go to Lynde Shores to photograph birds or make lakeshore images. When I approached the viewing platform, I saw a bunch of ducks taking off and surveyed several trees filled with noisy, smelly, cormorants. As I stood there, movement from the corner of my eye attracted my attention. Here’s what I saw: a yearling fawn,… Read More