“Paudash Reflections”

“Paudash Reflections”

“As winter takes hold, autumn lashes out in fiery shows of golds and orange as if shouting, “My splendour is not yet spent”, her voice fading in the chill of November, another day closer to winter.”
– Ed Lehming

Such was the scene today as I drove home from a visit to Bancroft, Ontario. I had driven up for the day to drop of recent prints at the Artists Co-op I belong to there, A Place for the Arts. As is my habit, I always have my camera gear with me when I travel.

Today was no exception, as I left the snow-covered countryside close to home, the snowy blanket covering the ground actually thinned as we headed further north. Our recent snowfalls stayed mainly to southern Ontario, so far.

I noticed a lot of open water and some very thin sheets of ice on the smaller lakes. It has been cold enough to freeze but even a bit of movement in the water will soon break up an evening’s freeze up. We had a pleasant drive up but nothing really caught my attention.

After dropping off my work and visiting with some fellow artists, I headed a bit further north, to my brother-in-law’s woodlot, in hopes of a few winter images for Christmas cards, managing to get a few that may realize into what I was after.

Leaving the woodlot, we proceeded home and on looking at the low clouds, I said to my wife, “It looks like we may have a nice sunset today, if the trees don’t block the view.” That was certainly the case, for a portion of the drive, till I rounded a corner and was greeted with this beautiful view of the eastern arm of Paudash Lake. It was just cold enough to start making a fine film of clear smooth ice and the sun hung just above the treeline, shining through the dark wisps of fall clouds.

I stopped along the roadside and composed a few shots. Of the four that I made, this one appealed to me the most in terms of composition and feel. You can just discern where the ice ends and open water begins, including a pair of ducks taking advantage of a brief opening before the lake fully freezes over, which I expect will be very soon.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD @ 110 mm
1/640 sec, f/13.0, ISO 400

For more images like this, please visit my website (images are available for purchase)

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