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“As the winter winds down with dull skies, I fondly reflect back on the memories of bright autumn days, filled with colour, cheer, and times spent among the trees.” – Ed Lehming I believe I like this time of year (late winter) the least. There are hints of warmer days ahead, but between overcast skies, flurry filled mornings, icy trails, and the grimey looking banks of snow I find my thoughts drifting… Read More

“Caribbean warmth rolled from the sea, caressing this ancient land as emerald waves lapped the shore.” – Ed Lehming Today I really felt a need to retreat back to fond memories. It feels like so long ago but was only months. Our group set out for a day trip to Mexico’s Tulum ruins along the Yucatan coast. Tulum is a rare Mayan ruin that sits on the coast, rather than inland as… Read More

“Glad memories of days recently past bring joy as I recall days of travel, friends, and the bright colours of distant lands.” – Ed Lehming This seems like a distant memory right now. In the days of self-isolation I’m recalling our recent trip to Spain with such fondness. Even though today dawned bright and cool, the colours and activity of our first full day in Spain comes back. I find myself looking… Read More

“Simple beauty can be found anywhere, you simply need to be receptive to it.” – Ed Lehming Spring is slowly pushing out the cold and damp that has been so dominant here for what seems like months. With the warming air more and more wildflowers are beginning to show their faces. Fading now are the forest dwelling spring ephemerals which are being replaced by the taller and more colourful field flowers. The… Read More

“Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly. But I don’t go along with that. The memories I value most, I don’t ever see them fading.”  ― Kazuo IshiguroWithin the bounty of new spring growth, reminders of last year still linger along the trails. This Queen Anne’s Lace seed-head, once filled with seeds is now ‘spent’, it’s purpose fulfilled, yet it stands, dried and brown above the lush and greening  meadow. While… Read More

“Firsts are best because they are beginnings.” ― Jenny Han The firsts keep coming. This time the first Clematis blossom, from our front flower bed. The first bloom has usually occurred around prom/graduation time, and has been prominent in many photos of our kids as they prepared for these events. Graduations and proms are becoming not so distant memories and now the first flower is simply there for us to enjoy and… Read More

I’ve had a few people ask recently how I’m able to pick up the golden glow in some of my forest images. One of my recent images, “November’s Golden Litter” – Hermon, Ontario, is an example of their fabulous effect on a large scale. When conditions are just right: the right light, the angel of that light, the condition and colour of the leaves, and a contrasting background, the effect is almost magical. If you… Read More

“Sharing tales of those we’ve lost is how we keep from really losing them.” ― Mitch Albom One of the treasures my father left me is this beautiful chess set. As a child I used to look at them closely, admiring the fine details of this cast iron, the white players nickel plated and the black being copper plated, chess set. I have no idea where he got them, only that he… Read More

“All in all, it was a never-to-be-forgotten summer — one of those summers which come seldom into any life, but leave a rich heritage of beautiful memories in their going — one of those summers which, in a fortunate combination of delightful weather, delightful friends and delightful doing, come as near to perfection as anything can come in this world.” ― L.M. Montgomery My final memory of an extended weekend away is… Read More

“Writing is something you do alone. Its a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t want to make eye contact while doing it.” ― John Green This must be the most photographed tree in Markham, a community just south of my home. This oak stands at the top of a convenient mound, nicely isolating the tree from any distracting background. It’s not a true ‘solitaire’ by my… Read More

“You saw a fluttering fan before her face and magnolia blooms and sleepy lakes under the moonlight when she walked.”  — Zora Neale Hurston The last time I visited Edwards Gardens in Toronto I must have been about 6 years old. It used to be a favoured destination for my family, as both my father and grandmother were avid gardeners. I vaguely recall the place, remembering only the amazing patches of colour  … Read More

“I always wondered why God was supposed to be a father,” she whispers. “Fathers always want you to measure up to something. Mothers are the ones who love you unconditionally, don’t you think?”  ― Jodi Picoult Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, and caregivers who have and continue to play this role. I’ve been blessed with two mothers, as well as two grandmothers and my Mother in Law who have also played very significant roles in my… Read More

This year’s final post is a reflection on a winter past. As I noted throughout the fall, it has been a particularly mild year and we had no significant snow or cold weather till a few days ago, and even that was fairly insignificant. Two years ago, we got hammered with an ice storm that buried us in a combination of wet snow and ice. This mixture quickly froze into solid ice and… Read More