“Better Days”

Better Days

“Long, hot summer days and quiet country roads yield surprises and raise questions, to the curious.” – Ed Lehming

There are many times when a drive down a backroad offers interesting sights. Most frequently I see an old abandoned building and wonder how it came to be in the state it’s in. I try to picture it when it was first built, envision a family starting a home. As a new house, it must have held so much promise.

Yet here, along the roadside of Ontario’s Prince Edward County, many years after that time, the house has fallen into severe disrepair, a mere curiosity, barely standing, along the roadside and a photo opportunity for me.

I decided to render this image as digital art, to add some mood and interest to the image.

2 Comments on ““Better Days”

  1. Love photos like this (and the post). I often wonder, what happened to the life force behind this construction? I can make many guesses but I rarely find an answer.


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