“Winter’s End”

“The final day of winter; I walk through familiar forests. Ice and snow recede around me, revealing their long buried secrets. The days warm; brightening light seeps between bare branches; the muted landscape prepares once more to be filled with colour.” – Ed Lehming

I was not planning on returning to this style again, but the composition, which looked quite nice right from the camera, simply lent itself for one more go.

Yesterday was the final day of winter and the day expressed itself as such. As I began my hike the day was bright, cold, and windy but the forecast promised it would warm up by mid-day. The forest showed very clear signs of a transition as well. Hillsides exposed to the late winter sunshine were almost completely devoid of snow, yet the valleys remained locked in the winter world. It’s quite the effect really, to look at leaf-covered hillsides on one side of the trail and see a winter world on the other.

I had set out with my son to gather a collection of new photographs, not knowing exactly what to expect but really enjoying the mid-morning sunlight and the softness of the shadows it produces. It was really ideal and warmed our skin when we got out of the cold wind.

This soft light shone between the trees along the path and yielded several pleasing images, including this one, which was among the first compositions I made that day. I like the muted tones and serenity of the image, it’s focal point being the gnarled birch tree to the left side with the sun beaming brightly above. It seems a fitting image to say farewell to winter as days warm and colour returns to our world.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 42 mm
1/454 sec, f/1.6, ISO 32

7 Comments on ““Winter’s End”

  1. Beech trees are not often seen in our area, so to me, it seems very special to have whole stands of them. Soon we’ll see some green leaf tips on those branches, I hope.

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