“A Good Morning”

“The new day greets me with bright sunshine, long shadows, and a bite in the air to remind me that winter is not yet concluded.” – Ed Lehming

I continue in my morning walks, still not tiring of the wonders the forest has to offer me. Each day just feels ‘fresh’. Some days are fresher than others; even though we have entered March and there has been a brief respite in chilly days, I think winter is not quite done with us. Despite a brief late February thaw, snow remains plentiful and cold nights leave a distinct chill in the morning air, it has not made me less eager to be outdoors and enjoying my mornings.

The scene above has become something I really look forward to, be it mild or cold. The slowly rising sun still remains low enough in the sky to provide me with a soft, diffused light, but bright and cheerful as it beams between the trees. I also find it creates interesting highlights on distant objects, like the small grove of beech trees here.

I’m still enjoying the conversion of my photos to a more painterly look and I’m looking forward to actually painting them once my skill and comfort level in that medium improve.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 4.2 mm
1/979 sec, f/1.6, ISO 32

5 Comments on ““A Good Morning”

  1. Your photos could hang on my wall, Ed. Beautiful! Yes, the painterly look. I often walk many of the same routes, yet my days also feel “fresh.” Thank you for sharing your ‘Good Morning.’

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