Ed Lehming Photography


On a dull chilly day, what do you photograph? A snack, of course.

“When the time has come, every leaf turns to face the sun!” ― Akilnathan Logeswaran “Ramps” or wild leeks (Allium tricoccum) are native North American plant and among the first plants to appear in moist woods, once the frost comes out of the ground. Because of the mild start we had to March, I thought I’d go out to see if anything had started to push through the ground yet. To my… Read More

I love fine details and textures. It’s especially those little details I notice after having walked by something dozens of times and I find myself wondering, “Why did I not notice that earlier?” One of the joys of photography is being able to capture those moments and reflect on them later. Above is a bronze statue of fish outside the Food Building at the Canadian National Exhibition. I’ve been going to the “EX”… Read More

A very pleasant day in Old Montreal. In my 50 some years growing up in Canada, I missed this marvel of culture. I know it has existed in various iterations and many of my friend s have enjoyed this cultural gem in my absence. I discovered Old Montreal a few years ago, while visiting with cousins and long to return whenever I get the chance, especially on recent business trips. Montreal has… Read More

I made this photo a few years ago while travelling to Montreal with my wife and her cousins from California. We spent a day touring Prince Edward County and decide to stay the night in Belleville, Ontario. When looking for a good local restaurant, we were directed to “The Boathouse” restaurant, which sits on Belleville’s harbour. The food was amazing and our stay timed out just right to see the sunset.  As… Read More