“Ramping up to Spring” – Wild Leeks at Stouffville Reservoir

“Ramping up to Spring” - Wild Leeks at Stouffville Reservoir

“When the time has come, every leaf turns to face the sun!”
― Akilnathan Logeswaran

“Ramps” or wild leeks (Allium tricoccum) are native North American plant and among the first plants to appear in moist woods, once the frost comes out of the ground. Because of the mild start we had to March, I thought I’d go out to see if anything had started to push through the ground yet. To my surprise, much of the ground remained firm, with a thin layer of frost still holding on in the shade of the forest.

Despite the frost, I did spot a few leeks pushing past the layer of last year’s leaves, yet other areas will likely be a few weeks behind as the sun slowly warms the ground. I also saw some traces of Spring Beauties leafing out at the bases of beech trees, which they seem to favour.

In a few more weeks the forest floor will be vibrant with bright greens, pinks, reds, whites and yellows as the wildflowers follow their annual pattern of emergence. And then, at the right time, I will return to this place, surrounded by warmth and colour, to carefully harvest a few handfuls of the delicious leeks to make a pot of potato-leek soup and formally welcome spring and its bounty.

Nikon D300
Tamron 70-200 mm f/2.8 @ 200 mm
1/160 sec, f/7.1, ISO 250

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