“Nature’s Cathedral”

“I enter the forest trail, branches bend and bow, forming a cathedral-like arch above my head. In the silence of the new fallen snow, I find myself in reverence to the beauty of nature. A walk in the woods becomes a spiritual experience once more.” – Ed Lehming

This is how that wonderful day in early December started out. Only a few steps from the trailhead, this scene of wonder greated me. It truly felt like those first few moments when I enter a great cathedral. The quiet grandeur and majesty of the columns and high vaulted ceilings humbles me and puts me in a place of reverence.

It’s so very difficult to fully explain this to people who are not connected to nature. There are times, like this, where the beauty is simply overwhelming. I have found myself standing, nearly breathless as I simply drink it in. Places and scenes like this sustain me through my lows, reminding me that peace and beauty are still very present.

On that December morning I was a bit nervous about my ability to successfully capture that beauty. I have found that when everything around me is so startlingly beautiful it become difficult isolate sections. But this time, it seemed that no matter what way I turned to compose an image, there simply was not a bad shot. A few of my photos are not as captivating or interesting as others, but they are all beautiful in their own way.

As I look back on this particular photo I can still experience that incredible feeling of peace and wonder, watching wisps of snow swirling in the air on the gentle breeze, the only sound I could hear. Just writing this and looking at the image brings peace and calm to me and I look forward to entering this place once more.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 6.0 mm
1/1916 sec, f/2.0, ISO 26

15 Comments on ““Nature’s Cathedral”

  1. I have so enjoyed sharing your snowy walk during this wonderful series of photos. Every step looked like it had something different to offer. An uplifting experience.

  2. Your love of trees is a blessing I can enjoy over and over… enjoying your personal notes and messages too…
    beautiful blog🙏

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