“Take a Rest”

“There are times to rest and times to keep going, it’s good to have a choice.” – Ed Lehming

I’m still working through photos I made over two weeks ago on that magical December second morning. The overwhelming beauty of that day is still with me, though I’ve travelled these trails several times since that. The way the freshly fallen snow transformed the world that day was indescribable.

The trail, within Uxbridge, Ontario’s North Walker Woods, is one of my favourites and has yielded many of my best photos over the past few years. It’s a place I go to recharge, to be inspired, and simply where I love to be. I’ve hiked the same trail for many years now and it always offers me something new, even after all that time.

The forest is a living, changing thing, and never the same twice. That morning in early December really drove the point home. I have travelled these trails on beautiful snow-filled days before but have never experienced the brilliant and pure radiance like I did that day. I have about fifty photos, each one a wonderful representation of that morning to keep as a reminder. I have posted a few so far and will be posting others in the future, I’m sure.

This particular image has kept me coming back. The bench, just recently placed at the juncture of three trails, beckons me to sit and just take it all in, but it’s covered in deep snow, which I also do not want to disturb, so others can enjoy this view too. Also, the view looking at the bench, with the wonderful sunlight behind it is actually better than the view from the bench, particularly at this time of day.

When I look at the image, as when I was there, the temptation is to sit and rest, but with all the darkness in our work these days, the time to rest, for me, is not right now. I’d prefer to fill myself up with beauty and hope, saving it for a time when rest will be more urgent. For now, the image of this place is rest enough for my spirit and I hope it has the same effect on others.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 4.2mm
1/1383 sec, f/1.6, ISO 32

2 Comments on ““Take a Rest”

  1. I pretty much abhor the cold, but your photos have me excited for our next snow, so I can go for a wander with my camera. Fantastic work.

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