“Bright Pine Grove”

“Thick soft snow blankets the landscape with its brightness. Distant shadows flee as the forest is filled with light.” – Ed Lehming

The images I’m sharing were all made on the same amazing day over a week ago. Each one a wonderful memory of the incredible beauty we find our world filled with, even in what feels like dark times. I’m so grateful for these days of brightness and hope.

As we enter yet another month of COVID related uncertainty, the one constant that keeps me from losing heart is the beautiful natural landscape that is so close to my home. This forest tract is a mere ten minute drive for me and I find myself quickly immersed in it within a few steps from the trailhead. I’m also grateful that I am able to successfully capture some of these moments for others to enjoy.

This particular image was made just a few steps off the main trail. I had to step into the forest to get clear of some low shrubs that blocked this view. I noticed the short snow-covered spruces from the trail and wanted to make them the focus of the image, with the plantation pines in the background and the wonderful warm glow of the mid-morning sunshine filling the shadows. I hope this image brings some joy to those who need it today.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 4.2mm
1/374 sec, f/1.6, ISO 32

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