“Winter Pond” – North Walker Woods

“The new fallen snow filled the trees that surround this quiet pond and the sun cast long shadows over it’s freshly frozen surface.” – Ed Lehming

I have passed this pond through all seasons, usually stepping off the main trail to stand on its shores, as have so many others. The pond fills a small bowl in the landscape. It’s always a peaceful place to sit quietly and enjoy the sun playing on the water; dragonflies skimming the surface.

Despite so many times visiting the pond and visualizing an image that captures its essence, that composition has thus far eluded me, until last week, when a fresh snowfall and low morning sunlight transformed the pond into something magical.

There was a very special quality to the morning light which caused the forest behind the pines to glow with a calming energy. The snow, which stuck tenaciously to everything from the tall pines to the most modest sapling was like a sugary frosting that brought a beautiful purity to everything. Combined, they provided the magic.

I tried a few different compositions ranging from a fairly wide angle shot to a zoomed portrait view and settled on this moderately wide shot which effectively pulled the main elements into the image and portrayed the scene and the calm of the morning into a single image. Looking at the final image I can happily put myself back on the shores that serene morning and almost feel the cool air on my face.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 1.54 mm
1/251 sec, f/2.4, ISO 25

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