“Enter December”

“I enter December with hope and delight. The dull days of late November are past and the bright snowfall of December cheers my soul.” – Ed Lehming

The journey down December trails continues as I keep taking pleasure in reviewing my photos from my December 2nd hiie through a local conservation area. As is evidenced in the photo, I was not alone and several others had enjoyed the trails before my arrival that glorious morning.

The snow was just deep enough for a cross-country skier to use the trail with ease, yet shallow enough for hikers and dog walkers to also partake without too much effort.

As I have noted in previous posts, I got on the trails in good time, concerned that the magic of this new fallen snow might not last too far into the day as well as being able to take in the lovely long shadows that morning light produces.

This image is just another sample of just how beautiful the day was, with snow sticking to every surface like a bright, sugary coating. It’s just what I needed after what seemed like a rather long and dreary ending to November filled with fog, rain, and days that simply remained too dark for cheer.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 4.2mm
1/1531 sec, f/1.6, ISO 32

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