“Before me, the beech blazed in bright golds, shimmering as the gentle breeze caressed the snow laden leaves. The world was wide awake and filled with joyous energy and brilliance.” – Ed Lehming

It appears this series will be continuing for a while, I have so many wonderful images from this gorgeous December morning earlier this week.

I thought I had captured plenty of wonderful scenes during this hike and was mere steps from the trailhead when my eye beheld this single beech tree along the trail, the sun illuminating it from behind and making it seem to glow with energy and joy.

The day started out bright and sunny with no wind to disturb the wonderland created the day before. I knew I had to get out early because these lovely winter scenes are temporal and must be enjoyed before they fade, as they always do. I’d been hiking for just over an hour, simply drinking in the incredible winter landscape though it is still official Autumn for a few more days. There were so many opportunities to capture the essence of this day and I must have made over 50 photos already, every one of them unique.

As a stated earlier i this post, I thought I was done and heading back to my truck when this presented itself. It was such a serene moment that I took time to make a 30 second video of it to enjoy at a later date. It’s one of those time where you are transported into a place of peace and reflection. I intend to go back to it many times if I need a time of quite mindfulness. After making the video I also composed this singe image of the scene. I’m glad I did.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 4.2mm
1/2451sec, f/1.6, ISO 32

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