Ed Lehming Photography


“The forest has so many beautiful gifts to share. Seemingly simple things, like fungi can be wonderful when we take the time to appreciate them.” – Ed Lehming As the snow has melted away, some of last year’s buried treasure has emerged and I’m constantly amazed at the things I have missed. Having walked this particular trail dozens of times in the autumn, somehow I missed this colourful Hen’s Tail right next… Read More

“Sometimes all you need in your life is anything strange because strange things can revive your soul just like a cold water freshening your pale face with every splash!”  ― Mehmet Murat Ildan I thought I had missed them. A week ago, as I was hiking a local conservation area, I came across a patch of Indian Pipes, a very strange plant and a bit of a rarity around here. Alas, they were… Read More

“This might be the most important question for every creator and maker in the world: how do you make something new if most people just like what they know? Is it possible to surprise with familiarity?” ― Derek Thompson With a gradual warming and ample moisture, fungi are now beginning to emerge from cracks and crevices in rotting logs. I’m not skilled at early fungus identification, but I imagine these ‘fingers’ will… Read More

“I loved sitting on the pile of freshly cut logs, running my hands over the different shapes and smelling their woody fragrance. To this day I think that there is nothing as interesting to look at as a heap of newly cut logs, the delicate colouring of their veined insides telling their life story, while they wait to bring warmth and comfort.” ― Alice Taylor A very simple title for a simple… Read More

Wow, I wonder who came up with this brilliant name? I came across this rather bright fungus during a recent hunting trip. Well, it was more like walking through the woods with a gun, and a camera. It was certainly not an ideal hunting day, but the subdued light and wet conditions (it had rained for 3 days straight) were ideal for photography. I had my 70-200 f/2.8 with me to make… Read More