Ed Lehming Photography


“Though there are berries-a-plenty an unexpected guest seems less than welcome.” – Ed Lehming I had not set out to photograph birds on this day. It was a day filled with wildlife where I had not expected much. This was the same day that I had a large buck walk right up to me. Shortly after that happened I was walking through a grove of birch trees filled with cedar waxwings feasting… Read More

“Every once in a while, people need to be in the presence of things that are really far away.” ― Ian Frazier Just so that everyone does not get the impression that every shot I make turns out the way I want, here’s a tidbit from yesterday’s hike. It reminds my of the words often written on side-view mirrors: “Objects may appear closer than they are”. In this case, a barred owl, resting among the tangled… Read More

“Birds know themselves not to be at the center of anything, but at the margins of everything. The end of the map. We only live where someone’s horizon sweeps someone else’s. We are only noticed on the edge of things; but on the edge of things, we notice much.” ― Gregory Maguire At first, I thought this was a Downy Woodpecker, the most common species around here, but when I checked my… Read More

“December is full of the beauty of Light and love we can bring into our life.You can chose to be stressed or you can choose to let the small stuff go and be peaceful this Holiday season. It really is a choice you make.” ― Eileen Anglin As I said earlier this week, it looks like I’ve gone to the birds. I’m pretty much a photo-opportunist and tend to move back and forth between… Read More

“If you are made for flight, intended for it, you had better find a pursuer, fast. Otherwise, all that fleeing is going nowhere.” ― Dan Chiasson As I stood by the roadside, a large flock of birds suddenly lept to the air, spinning and weaving above the cornfield from which they had erupted. They flowed in the air like an apparition, then just as quickly, they descended and disappeared once more. All… Read More