Ed Lehming Photography


“Though there are berries-a-plenty an unexpected guest seems less than welcome.” – Ed Lehming I had not set out to photograph birds on this day. It was a day filled with wildlife where I had not expected much. This was the same day that I had a large buck walk right up to me. Shortly after that happened I was walking through a grove of birch trees filled with cedar waxwings feasting… Read More

“When you gaze out on a quiet, peaceful meadow, next to a still pond, under a motionless blue sky, you wonder how the noisy, busy cacophony of life could have arisen from such silent, motionless beginning.”  – M. It would appear that I’ve gone to the birds, at least for a short time. The past few dull days have not offered much in the way of material to photograph, so I’ve gone… Read More