“March Meander”

“Water slowly percolates from the ground, joining with spring run off. Drop by drop, a meander is formed, winding gently through the valley, nourishing all along her shores.” – Ed Lehming

This sun-filled valley represented more elements of my hike this past Thursday. The water, freshly emerged from a wetland spring behind me shimmers with life and energy. I can almost hear its gentle babbling in the photo; blue skies reflected on the water.

The meander slowly and steadily weaves its way through the shallow valley, growing larger as melt-water joins in the flow. In the distance, you can still see a snow-covered hillside, melting in the sunshine and warm breezes. Though not visible in the photo, a barred owl hoots in the forest to one side of the valley, scanning for its next meal. Yesterday’s image was the result of entering the forest in search of the owl.

The photo and the visual of meandering is also representative of the that day’s hike. I set out with no particular destination in mind, I simply knew that I wanted to be outdoors and enjoying the day. I travelled unfamiliar trails, staying off the main tracks in hopes of some new discovery.

This valley was one of those places. I take great pleasure from being able to capture these chance moments; those times when the photo evokes an emotion from me. This image brings me peace, as my eyes scan the details, following the flow of the water, the slope of the valley, and the tangle of tree branches. Stopping here, to make this image in silence also afforded me the opportunity to hear the owl’s call which provided a few more photos once I got close enough to frame it decently.

All in all, my own meander covered sixteen kilometers of woods, hills, and meadows and provided my with some beautiful vista to enjoy and photograph. Sometimes an ‘meander’ proves very fruitful.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP 24-70 mm f/2.8 Di VC USD @ 24 mm
1/250 sec, f/16, ISO 400

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