“Stouffville Approach”

“What lies around the next turn, we cannot tell for certain, but having taken the journey before, we can anticipate.” – Ed Lehming

For today’s post, a very familiar site; one that I have photographed many times, seeing some potential in the composition; interesting lines, but never quite satisfying. I decided to transform this image from early December as well, to see what it would yield, and I’m very pleased with the results.

The snow that morning was the first real significant snowfall and it was heavy and stunningly white. That’s why I decided to overexpose the image a bit, to replicate the glare that my eyes experienced. Despite the purity of the snow, there are always shadows and they come out nicely here in tones of soft purple and teal. Of course, there must always be a splash of orange somewhere, which balanced the overall image.

It was not till I started really looking at the image that I was reminded one of the telegraph poles that line the track had fallen over a few years ago, toppled by a storm. Here, it appears like it has succumbed to the deep snow and is resting on a soft bank of white powder. It is actually suspended by the wires that it is was designed to support.

Just around this bend, at the north end of the town of Stouffville, is the commuter train station and my backyard. I did not have to go far for this one at all.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 6.0 mm
1/888 sec, f/2, ISO 25

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