“Blue Ice”

“The ice had just begun to form on the pond, freezing it in time. Frozen, but ever so thin, letting the blue shine from within.” – Ed Lehming

Another of my re-imagined images. This time a view from early December. We’ve had a relatively mild winter here with moderate wet snowfall. At this time, there was still a lot of open water, which made for some confusing images. I created this one just as the pond had begun to freeze. It was quite interesting because it even appears that there are frozen ripples but it already had a moderately thick coating of ice on it. The combination of the bright winter sky and the water beneath the ice makes the blues more pronounced.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 1.54 mm
1/1100 sec, f/2.4, ISO 25

4 Comments on ““Blue Ice”

  1. I love the colours… your concept of looking for the “moment” and space in time that captures your creativity .. will always lead to “adventure” where there is creativity, there are always possibilities.

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