“The North Trail”

“The trail narrows, tucked nicely between the reaching spruce boughs, before the North Trail widens up before me.” – Ed Lehming

I struggled for a title for this image, so decided to use a location for a change. This portion of trail runs along the northern edge of North Walker Woods, a local trail that I have spend much time on over the past few months. The image depicts one of the few spots where the trail narrows down a bit. For the most part, the trail is wide enough to accommodate four people walking side by side.

This year, with so many people trying to get outside to cope with the isolating effects of COVID-19, the trails have taken an extraordinary amount of traffic, especially this winter when our provincial government imposed a strict ‘stay at home order”. That meant that you could only leave your home for essentials. Fortunately, exercise was deemed as essential. But, It also meant that thousands of people began to look for places where they could do this; the local trail system became one of them. So, the trails that are generally quite narrow and lightly used in the winter months are so wide and trampled that it looks like cars have been through here.

I’ve made a point of getting out on weekdays, when traffic is a bit lower and I’m less likely to run into any large groups. I like to hike quietly and alone and actually find myself getting bit anxious when I hear particularly loud groups approaching. I understand others’ need to get outdoors as well, but I like to hike quietly with my thoughts and enjoy the sounds of wildlife around me.

As case counts steadily decline here, I’m hoping that my sanctuary, like all else in our world lately, returns to some sense of ‘normal’. For now, I will be content with whatever time I can spend outdoors and savour what peaceful moments the day affords me.

This image also continues my series of ‘re-imagined’ photos, which is perhaps coming to a conclusion. I’m still enjoying them, so expect to see a few more.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 4.2 mm
1/1000 sec, f/1.6, ISO 32

One Comment on ““The North Trail”

  1. I know that feeling of annoyance when I hear groups of people out for a walk and they are so noisy it ruins the tranquility until they go by. Sometimes even people walking alone are rudely noisy and it turns out they are talking loudly into their cell phones. Sometimes I could do without people altogether (for a while).
    Your photo – my first thought as I scrolled down from the top of the photo is that it looked windy – just the way the branches go.

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