“Between the Birches”

“Familiar paths are transformed by winter’s snow. Freshness and purity fills my senses as I look upon the serene landscape, framed in birch.” – Ed Lehming

I’m continuing with my theme of ‘re-imagined’ landscapes. Taking these familiar scenes and digitally transforming them beyond standard photographs is therapeutic for me. There is a real sense of creative joy when I look at the finished product.

There is a correlation here for me, since I have spent a lot more time outdoors in my forced retirement. I’ve had more time to really appreciate the wonderful natural areas that I find myself in. There has been time to consider my past, present, and future as I walk silently through these landscapes.

I’m finding myself less hesitant to try new things, to do things that I find satisfying, rather than worrying about drifting from some accepted ‘norm’. As the landscape is framed between the birches, I life is currently framed between a familiar ‘past’ and an uncertain ‘future’, which I am trying to process in a new way, much like I did with this image.

The many recent snow filled days have put the autumn residue to rest, buried deep beneath winter’s white blanket just as I gradually put my former career to rest. The past is now buried and the future is unknown and the present is beautiful and calm.

As the snow eventually melts, I look forward to what emerges.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 4.2 mm
1/4000 sec, f/1.6, ISO 32

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