“Though diminutive to their surrounding neighbours, the small spruces have the potential to be so much more” – Ed Lehming

In keeping with yesterday’s post on Transition, I’m including another interpretation of a recent image along the same theme.

Especially in winter, the small spruce groves which grow within and beside the much larger plantation pines make for interesting image which tell a bit of a story about the forest itself. The spruce are secondary growth, taking advantage of the shelter provided by the towering pines.

At some point, the pines will be selectively harvested to allow even more light into the base layer. It is practice to remove every second row once the trees reach maturity. This provides timber for sale and opens up a larger area for secondary trees to grow in their place.

Someone once told me that maples planted in open fields will not flourish. They are too easily damaged by winds, excess sunlight and snow. So, they are planted within these pine forests so that when the pines are harvested the remaining, more mature maples and other hardwoods can survive.

I find these forestry stories interesting and they make sense.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 4.2 mm
1/1062 sec, f/1.6, ISO 32

2 Comments on ““Potential”

  1. I think I would agree with the thoughts on the maples being susceptible to breakage from wind. We have a few maples on our property and have found that their branches break easily in the wind.
    Another lovely photo, Ed.

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