“A Sea of Stars”

“Before my eyes was a sea of white stars, bright yellow anthers, and deep green foliage. With the warming air, summer can’t be far off now” – Ed Lehming

The image that I selected today was made in my garden this afternoon. The subject: Star of Bethlehem, a beautiful perennial that I acquired a few years ago from my mother-in-law’s garden. When she downsized and moved to a condo I offered to provide a new home to many of her garden treasures.

This plant was a surprise for me, as she moved in the summer and I simply transplanted what looked like a thick grass, having no idea what variety of plant it actually was, till the next spring, when two of these plants filled my front garden with wonderful white stars.

It does not bloom for long and only blossoms in sunlight, aften waiting till near noon before the flowers open; when they do it’s simply beautiful. They bring a bit of purity to the garden, which is just transitioning to late spring blossoms. They are a splash of freshness among the currently flowerless foliage and ferns and have become one of my garden favourites.

To get a nice composition is a challenge since there are so many near-perfect blossoms to chose from.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro 1:1 (272ENII)@90mm

1/500 sec, f/10.0, ISO 800

5 Comments on ““A Sea of Stars”

  1. A wonderful title, Ed! I do see the the “sea of white stars.” What a nice surprise. Yes, purity and freshness. I can see how it would be a challenge to compose a photo when you are surrounded by such beauty. Your photo is stunning!

  2. Ditto the challenge of capturing the beauty of a thousand blooms. It’s so much easier to shoot the individual subject. Big trees full of leaves and great swarms of bees, flocks of birds present for me the same challenge. It is only the artist’s eye that can discern just the right amount. My eye is so easily dazzled, mesmerized and overwhelmed by nature’s beauty up close and in person that the human’s tiny and foreign capture device becomes an afterthought, and I shoot snapshots.


  3. Thanks for another great image. I have shared; attributed appropriately with link; sheduled for Sunday. Best Regards.

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