“Spring Beckons”

“Spring Beckons”

“The days warm and forest paths call me into the depths of nature, I am home again.” – Ed Lehming 

The forest floor is now flush with green and visible life returns once more. Thought the trees are still bare I can see a fine haze od green and yellow high above me. It will be mere days till the canopy forms anew.

Narrow paths draw me forward to explore new places and my eyes see familiar things like Trout Lilies, Trilliums, and Lily of the Valley. Bright and healthy green with splashes of pink, yellow, and white blossoms stretch into the woods before me. This is like taking a fresh breath for me, it’s a balm for my spirit as I once more connect deeply with my beloved forest.

I have anticipated this “awakening” even more this year. With all the uncertainty in our world as we learn to deal with the evolving realities of  COVID-19, there is nothing uncertain about the forest and that offers me hope and encouragement, as well as a place where I can be with my thoughts and emotions and simply ‘be’. It’s a real blessing to have this so close to me.

iPhone 7 back camera @ 4.0mm
1/1600 sec; f/1.8; ISO 20

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8 Comments on ““Spring Beckons”

  1. I thoroughly agree with your sentiment Ed—we are truly fortunate to have such beauty right out our doors…

  2. I played in the woods a lot as a child and forests remain the place where I feel most at peace with life. Beautiful photos.

      • We are blessed to have many nature trails that go on for miles through the woods here. I am a bit fearful to go in the woods at the moment as the bears have come out of hibernation. We are surrounded by boreal forest so bears are plentiful. I will screw up my courage soon and go on a foray.

      • I do have a bear bell I will bring and make noise to let ’em know I’m there….no guns. The only thing I shoot with is my camera. 🙂

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