“Early Blue Cohosh”

“Early Blue Cohosh”

“Change is the end of something you know and the beginning of something else that you don’t know. Something new that holds opportunities.” 
― Kholoud Yasser

I believe I enjoy spring almost as much as autumn. While autumn is filled with brilliant colours, it is also a sort of ending, as the colours gradually fade and the world prepares for a winter sleep. Spring, on the other hand, is also filled with colours, but the colours grow and spread. Both seasons are times of transition, of change. As the quote says so nicely; the beginning of something else, slightly different every year.

The changes in the forest over the past few days have been startling. Last weekend, some of the trails still had ice on them and snow lingered stubbornly in the deep recesses. Now, with a bit of warmer air and sunshine, the miracle of spring takes hold. Everywhere you look, and you have to look carefully at this point of the year, life emerges once more from the dull litter of winter.

One of the toughest spring plants to spot, due to its dark colouration, is Blue Cohosh. However, like many of these plants, once you discover them, you wonder why you did not notice them before. This lovely spring ephemeral is deep purple, and to the untrained eye, looks like a piece of rag, until the drooping leaves eventually open and spread.

This specimen was not visible a mere day before, and despite being only an inch tall, and still opening, it has already produced blooms. Until last year, I had not even noticed the flowers, since they are so dark and blend in with the rest of the plant. The blossoms are interesting when you see them close up, but they are quite small and easy to overlook.

And so, change in the forest continues, offering more opportunities and new things to discover, and photograph.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro 1:1 (272ENII)@90mmm

1/200 sec, f/7.1, ISO 100

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8 Comments on ““Early Blue Cohosh”

  1. Not long ago I found the same tiny blue cohosh flowers emerging in the forest at a preserve near me. Somehow I had never noticed them before at such an early stage, and of course I had to grab a few shots! I was astounded and delighted by the find… nature is full of surprises and I guess that’s what keeps me going back. Visit me sometime at VirginiaWildflowers.org — We are doing similar work!

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