Thursday Doors | August 10, 2017

“572 Sherbourne Street” - Toronto

This week’s submission to Norm 2.0‘s Thursday Doors.

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favourite door photos from around the world.

“572 Sherbourne Street” – Toronto

Nestled among tall apartment buildings and office towers along Toronto’s Sherbourne Street, sits a small group of eight houses, in various states of repair. All are slightly different, but would have been built in the same time period. Over the years, different owners would add or remove features, making the houses even more dissimilar. That is part of what I find appealing about older parts of the city. Every building has its own character, its own story.

This one in particular still has what I assume is the original door, based on the width and millwork. I’m sure it has more than one coat of paint. The brickwork closer to the ground is starting to show the effects of many winters exposed to road salt and the numerous holes above the handrail are evidence of accessories added and removed over time.

It would be interesting to find other photos, across the years to see just how many changes these doorways overgo across time.

For those interested, here’s a Google Streetview image of the location.

iPhone 7 back camera @ 4.0mm
1/140 sec; f/1.8; ISO 25

11 Comments on “Thursday Doors | August 10, 2017

  1. Probably my favorite door photo you’ve posted. I like the simplicity of the door and your composition, clarity, and exposure.

  2. Great shot Ed.
    Construction from the 1860’s or 70’s perhaps? I think those bricks may be original too 😉

  3. I grew up with red brick – and miss it, because in California it’s not often used in buildings. Also a great door makes it complete:)

    • Red brick is very common in Toronto. Quarried locally. Outside of Toronto, yellow is more common, based on local clay chemistry. I do recall seeing someone scavenging Rick from a demolition in California. I guess clay is not as commonplace as here.

  4. Beautiful door and an imposing front. You almost feel that if you ventured through the door, you would be transported back in time. It Brings back many memories.
    Wonderful photograph.

    Anthony T. Hincks

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