“Sauble Beach Sunset Number 3”

“Sauble Beach Sunset Number 3”

“The beauty of the unexpected lies within the surprise of the momentum,
not only at its tipping point, but also within all the moments waiting.” 
― Akilnathan Logeswaran 

Sauble Beach, on Ontario’s Lake Huron, is known for its sunsets. This one did not disappoint. It was the last day of a long weekend with friends and family. We had just finished our supper and packing the car for the drive back home, when this sight presented itself. So, I ran to the top of a dune and snapped a couple of shots with my iPhone.

It’s funny, I had spent the past two evenings on the beach photographing sunsets, each a lot different than the other. Day one was the end of a wind storm, the waves just beginning to calm, and narrow clouds stretched out across the red horizon. The next day was also filled with wispy cloud, yet the sky was filled with more pink and purple hues. I was not even thinking of a sunset on our final day, since I was occupied packing up. Yet, of the three sunsets we experienced, I enjoyed this one the most, perhaps because it came as a bit of surprise.

iPhone 7 back camera @ 4.0mm
1/950 sec; f/1.8; ISO 20

7 Comments on ““Sauble Beach Sunset Number 3”

  1. Sunrise & Sunsets it’s always so different at the same spot that one can never get tired of it. With each passing cloud its a different story.

  2. How breathtaking! your chosen quote goes perfectly with your photo. Beauty lies within all the moments waiting is just like a sunset, everymoment leading up to a full sunset is just as incredible to watch.

  3. The sunset is amazing! The sun goes down every day, but the light, the clouds, the wind, the combination make the difference and it never stops to surprise us with its beauty. This shot is wonderful. I love it!

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